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   Chapter 301 Better Keep It A Secret

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For a long time, Nacy had been pestering her parents to look for Bruce. But since she did not even know his name, they could not find him merely based on a girl's description.

"Yes. He had always been very kind and gentle to me since I met him for the first time. I think I really like him. Maybe he doesn't like me now, but I believe that I'll still have a chance. It is not easy to find true love. Now that I have found my true love, why should I not give it a try? Until and unless I give it a try, I'll never come to know if I'll get it or not," Nacy said with a smile, two dimples beautifying her cheeks on both sides of her face. Her encounter with Bruce when she was a child seemed just like yesterday to her.

"Okay Nacy, let me ask you something else. What do you think of Simon?" Nathan changed the topic and spoke in a nonchalant manner, trying to hide the cruelty of his heart.

"Maybe he is just a friend of mine. In fact, I liked him when we were in school. But he is not as bold as Bruce. He is less brave," Nacy replied calmly with her head resting on her hands.

"You know, Nacy, sometimes, no matter how bold a man is, he is cautious in front of the girl he loves. Nacy, I think you need to think about it and make sure that you don't miss out on the one who really loves you," Nathan opined expressionlessly as he leaned back on the chair with his hands crossed, trying to put up a neutral face in front of Nacy.

Nacy frowned at hearing Nathan's words. Then she also crossed her arms over her chest and turned to Nathan saying, "So, have you made up your mind?"

Nathan nodded solemnly. His face mellowed down at the thought of Mandy. He said, "Yes, I've thought it through."

"So when are you going to tell Mandy about Sharon?" Nacy bit her lip and fluttered her eyelashes as she mentioned Sharon's name in front of Nathan. Every time she mentioned that name in front of Nathan, her heart trembled.

Sharon–the name raked a lot of painful memories in Nathan's heart. Nacy had always hoped that he could move on. In fact, some time ago, she wou

she approached Bruce.

Bruce was sitting on the chair, exhausted. His face had become pale and distorted from the excruciating pain, and a thin layer of sweat appeared on his back. The wound on his body was fresh, and the pain was radiating all across his body and was making him writhe all over.

Seeing Nacy coming in, Bruce turned his head away. He didn't want Nacy to see him in such a terrible state. He had mixed feelings.

"Bruce, are you all right?" Nacy went straight to the seat where Mandy had been sitting a while back, but her eyes were fixed on Bruce.

Bruce raised his head and forced a smile. His eyes looked as if they were covered by a mass of grey clouds. He stuttered, "I... I'm fine."

Seeing that Bruce was still pretending to be strong, Nacy's eyes turned red in an instant, and tears filled her eyes. She gritted her teeth and said slowly in a trembling voice, "But... But I'm not fine. I'm so worried about you."

She remembered when she called him in the morning. She had finally mustered the courage to dial his number. However, even after several attempts when the call was not attended, her disappointment had turned into worry as time went by. Later, she suddenly realized that Bruce might have been taken away by Nathan.

"Silly girl, I'm fine," Bruce said with a gentle smile on his face. However, the smile in his eyes was somewhat cold.

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