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   Chapter 299 Don't Worry, He Is Nice To Me

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This finally proved that Mandy's suspicion was true. She had doubted it ever since the incident happened. However, Bruce's words were quite convincing. He had explained it so vividly that she had no choice but to believe it. Now it all made sense. A sigh of relief came out of her mouth.

Thinking about the whole thing, Mandy thought she had been so stupid to believe it.

Now, Bruce began to recall that night.

That night, he had looked into Mandy's eyes and asked, "Mand, what's so good about Nathan? You are being very stubborn! I have to tell you that he is not the right one for you." He then admired her face, which had turned crimson red. He was affirmative that Mandy was on the verge of collapsing. Looking at the incense candles on the cabinet, he had believed it had finally worked.

It was Eve who had told him that the incense was imported from India and promised to have a special effect on women. Men didn't have any reaction even if they smelled it. After being in its presence for about ten seconds, women were bound to feel dizzy. In the beginning, Bruce hadn't believed her. But on having seen the effect take hold of Mandy, he couldn't help but feel excited.

Mandy frowned and held his heavy head in her hands. She didn't know what was wrong with her. Suddenly, she felt a surge of heat spreading through her body like the burning sun was directing its heat on her.

"Don't worry. Nathan is very kind to me." Although Mandy was delirious and out of her mind, she could still hear that Bruce was speaking ill of Nathan. So she contradicted him as soon as she heard of it.

Her words were like a sharp shade that pierced straight into Bruce's heart. Even though she wasn't in the right state of mind, she still wanted to protect Nathan. Bruce understood she must love him very deeply.

"A man like Nathan can easily deceive you! Are you sure he loves you?" Bruce hugged Mandy, who was about to fall down in his arms. He was clear in his mind now. He had only pretended to behave like he was drunk a moment ago.

g, her greed convinced her to talk to Bruce once again. She turned to him and said, "Mr. Xu, this is your only chance. It is up to you if you want to take it or leave it." A sly smile appeared on Eve's soft lips as she spoke to him.

Bruce turned his back to Mandy and said, "Come here and take off her dress."

Hearing that, Eve squinted her eyes and said with a smile, "It's unnecessary for me to deal with that kind of thing. Mr. Xu, you are a man."

"Do what I told you to do. Come on." Bruce was annoyed. In truth, he was tempted to take off Mandy's clothes, but he was a man with a conscience. He couldn't do it since it went against his moral line.

Hearing that, Eve's mood instantly turned sour. She passed him an angry glance, but he didn't notice it.

Slowly, she put down the camera and walked to the bed to take off Mandy's dress. She looked at her figure carefully and thought, 'Not bad. She has a great figure.' In order to create an illusion, Eve pinched heavily at her neck. She wanted to create a mark that would look like a hickey.

Bruce, being a real gentleman, turned his back to them while this happened. He really had an urge to have sex with Mandy, but he controlled himself.

"Okay." Eve tucked her up. With some satisfaction, she looked at the red marks on Mandy's neck. Anyone would be convinced that they were hickeys.

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