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   Chapter 295 The Photos Are Fake

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"Those are fake photos," Nathan interrupted, pushing Mandy behind him as if protecting her from the gazes of his grandparents. "I've been investigating them recently."

Henry frowned. "You mean you already know of these photos?"

"Yes." Nathan tried his best to constrain himself not to just run over to the one who had planned this. When he first saw the pictures, he couldn't help but sympathize with Mandy.

She wasn't the type of woman who messed around, yet it seemed the one behind all of this was making it look like she did.

Hearing Nathan speak in such a definitive manner, Henry nodded. "Okay. I'll give you a week to investigate this," he said, raising up a finger. "Just a week."

"Grandpa, Grandma, if you don't have anything else to say, I'll take Mand back to her room to get some rest."

Sue nodded in reply. She had really liked Mandy the moment she saw her with Nathan, but who would've thought that this whole thing would befall them? At the moment, she couldn't help but have a different opinion of Eve.

Mandy had lowered her head the whole time since the photos were displayed. Given that she couldn't walk in this state, Nathan carried her all the way out of the castle.

Tonight's incident would definitely be City A's most sensational news. However, as the sun rose the next day, it seemed as if nothing had happened. Everyone knew that the walls had ears, so they kept quiet over it. No one would dare disobey Henry.

After Mandy was taken away by Nathan, Jason, Daisy, and Nacy did damage control. They put in a good word for her in front of Henry and Sue, so they didn't exactly hate her. Instead, they sat and waited for the truth to come out on its own.

Nathan took Mandy back to the villa. Lillian had already gone to bed. As soon as Mandy entered their room, she grasped onto Nathan's clothes, short of breath.

"Nathan, Nathan... I–I thought you had left me," Mandy said in a hushed voice. La

rogues and terrorists. Once they were placed here, it was life imprisonment in hell. Nacy hadn't gone there, but her father had told her about the place, and she had a feeling that it was the place Nathan would take Bruce.

"Hello, Mand." Nathan lazily smiled, glancing at a bloody Bruce on the TV screen.

"Nathan, where are you? Can you come home?" Her voice trembled.

Nathan was about to reply when Nacy snatched the phone from Mandy's hands. "Nathan," she quickly said. "I know what you've done. You can't hurt him if he knows something about it–anything about it, he'd be no use to you if he's dead. Be patient, Brother."

"You're in the villa?" he paused.

"Let go of him." Nacy felt her whole body was drenched in cold sweat. She was fearing the worst as she imagined Bruce's dead body lying on the cold tiles.

"It's my own business, Nacy," he snapped. "Stay out of it."

When he hung up, Mandy's heart skipped a beat. She quickly grabbed Nacy's arm. "Do you know where he is?" she demanded. "Let's go to him, now."

Nacy was stunned for a while from her talk with Nathan. However, a few seconds later, she gave her father a call, pleading with him to tell her of the prison that he mentioned a few years back. After minutes of begging and pleading, he finally told her.

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