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   Chapter 287 I Am By Your Side

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Damian hopped out of the car like a gentleman, strutted to the passenger seat, and opened the door for Mandy.

Mandy was wearing a long dress and hoisted it with her hand, preventing it from gliding on the floor. She was wearing a three-inch stiletto, which made it difficult for her to walk. Mandy seldom wore heels and made a mental note to be cautious while walking.

Mandy looked at the grand castle as anxiety settled in the pit of her stomach. Her palms began to get sweaty. She thought that she needed to find a quiet place to settle so that no one would notice her. The magnificence of the castle scared her.

The driver had parked the car by the side of the road. Many luxurious cars started lining up one after the other, and the people walked in to attend the party. They were all poise and elegant, and Mandy felt inferior next to them.

After the driver drove away in the Lincoln, Damian turned towards Mandy and winked at her. She peered at the surroundings and instantly regretted agreeing to attend the party.

'Oh, God! What has he dragged me into?' Mandy thought. Mandy remembered Damian telling her that it was an ordinary party–but it was everything but ordinary. Mandy bit her lips and thought that the owner of this majestic castle had to be a distinguished personality.

Damian straightened himself up, adjusted his suit, and stretched out his hand, gesturing for Mandy to take it. Mandy groaned, reluctantly held his arm, and followed him into the mansion.

"Please, can we leave right away?'' Mandy pleaded after she had taken one step forward. She was not willing to enter the castle.

"Oh, come on, Mandy. We are already here. How can we leave now? I will give the gift to him and wish him good health. Then we can leave after I have a quick chat with him, okay?" Damian smiled while holding Mandy in one arm and a delicate gift box in the other that contained a superior quality jade.

"Okay." Mandy took a deep breath and gritted her teeth, trying to calm her tense nerves. She told herself that it was not going to be a big deal as no one at the party knew her. She wo

en a while since you returned. What took you so long to come and see me? Is that how much you love your grandpa?" Henry glared at him in reprimand.

"Grandpa, I have come to see you on your special day. I wish you a long life filled with good health, wealth, and happiness." Damian grinned happily. He pulled his arm from Mandy's waist and handed the present to Henry respectfully, with both his hands.

"Your presence has brought me enough pleasure. You didn't have to get me a present." Henry smiled and took the gift from him happily. Although Henry and Damian were not related by blood, Henry had always considered Damian as his grandson. Damian and Nathan used to play in the old castle when they were little. Damian was a talkative child who cracked jokes, and Henry had always been fond of him.

"This is an expression of my love and respect for you, Grandpa. Please accept it." Damian smiled.

Mandy had only seen the playful side of Damian. He always joked, and a cocky grin was permanently etched on his face. She was surprised to see him being kind and respectful.

"That's very kind of you. Thank you." Henry passed the gift to the servant next to him and turned towards Mandy and smiled.

"Who is this young lady?" Henry slowly raked his eyes over Mandy and thought that she was a charming, beautiful woman.

"She is my girlfriend." Damian grinned as if he were telling the truth.

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