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   Chapter 286 Accompanied Me To The Banquet Tonight

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"Yeah, she was my first girlfriend when I was in college." Bruce froze for a moment, glancing at the photograph as memories of the past replayed in his mind.

"She's pretty," she noted, smiling softly as the light hit the photograph.

"Not as pretty as you," Bruce said automatically.

Mandy squinted her eyes. She could feel the exhaustion creeping up on her as she turned to Bruce. "I'm actually kind of tired now, Bruce." She yawned then. "Call me when we get home, okay? I'll take a nap first."

"Okay." As if by instinct, Bruce shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around her small frame.

Mandy wasn't really interested in talking about Bruce's first love. After all, everyone had their own past. In fact, it would be even stranger if Bruce hadn't loved someone before. There really was nothing else to say.

Bruce, on the other hand, wanted Mandy to ask him more about the matter. At least it showed that she cared about him, but her indifferent reaction disappointed him. However, he shrugged it off. There was nothing he could do to change it.

Soon enough, it was Henry's eightieth birthday party. Many business tycoons were invited, and it seemed to be a birthday surrounded by millionaires and billionaires alike. Although Henry was retired, his name still echoed across the business sector.

He was now living the life with his loved ones, a dream that he had always wanted to accomplish. And now, he had.

"Doctor Zhou, I've waited forever to meet you again." Wearing a black suit like he usually did, Damian strolled into the Cardiology Department in high spirits.

His loud voice echoed over the high ceilings. If it were any louder, she would believe that patients at the other end of the hall would have heard him. She raised her head and set the pen down.

'Why is he here?' she thought. Mandy was grateful to Damian. He was the only reason why she had

e a hand over her chest. Although Damian wasn't looking at her, she was still very uncomfortable with the way things were.

Damian glanced her way. He couldn't help but be amazed at the way she looked tonight–an angel's face with a devil's figure. She would be a sight to see tonight.

Mandy exhaled shakily.

"Are you nervous?" Damian tilted his head towards her.

"Yeah, a little," she admitted, balling her hands into fists. She took a better look at Damian, who was wearing a white suit and a red tie, looking like a prince that came from the fairy-tales.

It was undeniable that he looked very handsome tonight.

"Don't be nervous. It's just an ordinary birthday party." He smiled warmly.

'She's nervous now. I can't help imaging the scene when she sees Nathan, ' he thought, shaking his head. He had been looking forward to the dramatic scene to follow at the birthday party tonight.

The Lincoln limousine shuttled through the boundless night, and they finally arrived at a huge manor. The car stopped steadily in front of the European style ancient castle.

The surroundings of the castle had been elaborately decorated. The manor was flashing with lights, making everyone think that it was daylight. It truly was a sight to behold.

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