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   Chapter 283 Getting To The Root Of The Matter

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Nathan's harsh words felt like sharp arrows piercing through Mandy's heart. Yet she remained quiet. She bit her lips as she handed the shopping bag over to Lillian. She could not bring herself to look straight towards Nathan's vicious face. The darkness of the night made their faces obscure to each other. Yet, somehow Mandy could see the anger on Nathan's face clearly in her mind without even looking at him.

'Okay, just throw it away. Nathan will think that everything that I have touched is dirty. Even if Nathan takes it back, he will never wear it, ' Mandy thought to herself.

"Why are you still standing there? What are you waiting for? Hurry up! Just throw it away! It's just trash." Nathan's thin lips formed into a frivolous smile. The smile on his expressionless face was somewhat frightening.

'What did he just say? Did he just call it trash?' Mandy wasn't stupid. She understood why Nathan said that. He was being sarcastic to her.

Mandy's beautiful face turned painful when she heard such cruel words from Nathan. She gritted her teeth tightly and remained silent, trying hard to endure the pain.

"Lillian, listen to him. Just throw it away. I'm leaving now," Mandy said, forcing a stiff smile on her gentle face. After all, Lillian was employed by Nathan. She was liable to obey his orders no matter what he said. And who was Mandy? She was just another passer-by in his life. So Mandy didn't want Lillian to be embarrassed because of her.

Lillian heaved a sigh as she took the bag from Mandy. It was dark outside, but she could clearly see the distressed faces of Nathan and Mandy. She just hoped that they were just impulsive at the moment, and everything would be back to normal in a few days.

"Alas..." Lillian sighed and stumbled towards the trash can that was kept not so far away.

After that, Nathan turned his back. He twitched his lips as if he was about to say something but stopped on second thought.

Mandy bit her lip again, trying hard to hide the mess in her mind from showing on her face. At that moment, she was at an inexplicable loss. She had nothing to say. It was strange that she should find herself to be speechless in front of Nathan.

In the darkness of the night, Mandy looked at Nathan's back for the last time. She felt devastated to see the stiff jawline and the chiseled frame of Nathan's face that was visible from the back. It looke

in the class, she still took notes very diligently.

"If it's late after class, call me," Bruce said as he patted Mandy's shoulder. After being banned by all the companies in City A, he had to resign from the No. 1 High School. Since then, he could not find a job. So he started studying law at home. He had been interested in this field since he went to college. And now, since Nathan refused to give him a way to live, he had to find a way to make a living by himself.

"Okay, I will. I'm going to be late." Mandy looked at her watch and found it was time for the class.

"Okay, go ahead." Bruce gazed at her soulfully until she disappeared.

Bruce was familiar with this campus. He a lot of memories here. He had been in a relationship in his school days. But the relationship had been fated to be short-lived because of their conflicting personalities.

Bruce couldn't get along with the habit of making troubles out of nothing, so he took the initiative to break up with her. As he thought back now, he found that time had passed way too quickly, and he had a bad time at that time. He stared at the familiar street with the camphor tree at the campus, absent-minded for a while.

Although they had been apart for a long time, Bruce could still remember the girl's gentle eyes and brows. Mandy and his first love were two different types of girls. Mandy was gentle and generous, while she had been a bit narrow-minded. She had also been very dependent on him and was full of suspicions. He really didn't like the feeling of being controlled too strictly, so he had broken up with her.

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