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   Chapter 277 Throw It Away If You Don't Want It

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Updated: 2020-03-05 21:21

Mandy couldn't watch Nathan being cold and distant to her, but that was how it should be. She knew that breaking up with her was hard for Nathan, but she also knew that he would be better off without her.

Nathan scoffed at Mandy, his eyes blazing with anger. He didn't know whether to be sad or mad about Mandy's detachment. He felt that she didn't care about him anymore. Or had she ever cared about him at all? These thoughts were driving him crazy.

A person would not be afraid when he had nothing left to lose. Other than life and death, everything else was a scuffle.

Nathan crammed his shirt into the tattered paper bag and returned it to Mandy. "I don't need this shirt now; it has your smell. Wash it and bring it to JS International," he sneered.

"Why are you torturing me like this?" Mandy was annoyed and looked up at Nathan. His handsome face had a soft glow under the moonlight, and her heart ached when she saw him.

"Well, you have stained it. It's your responsibility to clean it and return it to me." Nathan stared at Mandy's eyes. His face was expressionless, and Mandy couldn't understand what he was thinking.

"Fine. I'll wash it and take it to your company," Mandy said through gritted teeth.

"I have something for you." Nathan smiled but continued to maintain the mysterious look on his face.

Mandy thought that it was just another heartless joke that was intended to hurt her, so she continued to look at him. She wondered what this was going to be.

Nathan put his hand in the pocket of his suit and took out a delicate brooch, which was in the shape of a deer.

He held the brooch in his palm, and it sparkled in the light. The brooch looked like a precious treasure that seemed to wipe away the darkness inside the car.

Mandy's jaw dropped in shock. She loved the brooch even though it wasn't packed neatly. It was breathtaking, just the way she liked it to be.

"I got this for you during my trip to America." Nathan laughed bitterly, and his eyes were fixed on the brooch.

"You give it to someone else. I can't accept it." Mandy bit her lips and shook her head fiercely. She loved the brooch not only because it was beautiful but also because Nathan had put in a lot of thought into ge

and had considered her as their future granddaughter-in-law. Nathan's grandfather was adamant about Eve and Nathan showing up to the party as a couple. He had to obey his grandfather's words to keep him happy.

"Well..." Mandy trailed off. She was about to say something but decided against it when she saw Nathan's face. She wanted to thank him for the deer brooch, but she couldn't summon the strength to say the words out loud.

So she looked away, opened the door of the car, and left.

She had walked away without thanking him as she feared that she would end up saying more.

Nathan drove away without looking back at Mandy.

Mandy hugged the shirt and brooch as she watched the car disappear. She finally turned on her heels and walked inside.

As soon as she got into her room, Mandy grabbed her phone and quickly sent a WeChat message to Nathan. Mandy had not removed him from her list, and Nathan didn't have the heart to do it either. She stared at the WeChat background for a while before typing her message. They were two simple words: "Thank You." Mandy hit the send button and let out a loud sigh.

Nathan's phone beeped with a message when he got into his house–it was a message from Mandy. He stared at the message for a long time.

He didn't know the emotions that were concealed behind those two words. He didn't know what to reply and swiped down to see their chat history instead. They had exchanged sweet messages, and Nathan didn't want to delete any of it.

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