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   Chapter 276 Why Does My Shirt Have The Smell Of Your Body

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"So what do you want from me now?" Mandy could feel that Nathan was seething in rage, though she was not a coward either. However, she was hardly a match for him. A little more pestering from his side would make her fall apart, for sure.

She continued to remain strong as she twisted her hand that was locked in Nathan's grip. She felt that her hand was a little bit sore, but she did not let the pain show on her face. She managed to endure the pain. No matter how painful it was, she couldn't let Nathan read her mind.

"Nothing. I just know you are a wanton woman." He slightly raised his chin and narrowed his eyes at her. There was a hint of contempt in his deep and dark eyes.

"You are right. I am a wanton woman. What you said is absolutely right. Nathan, why is it that you can go around with other women, hug and kiss them to your heart's content, and expect me to love you wholeheartedly when you come back home? Don't you think you are so ridiculous? Where on earth did you get such confidence? You just make more money than I do. That's it," Mandy said as she snatched her hand away from Nathan's tight grip. If he didn't let her go, by this time, her palm would have been sweating.

"So you are jealous of me?" Nathan asked indifferently. His handsome face was completely cold and expressionless.

"No, I'm very calm now," Mandy replied.

"Why did you take my shirt?" Nathan suddenly changed the topic before he let go of Mandy's hand. He noticed that Mandy's wrist had turned red from being in his grip for a long time. Afraid that he might hurt her, Nathan let her go immediately.

"I don't know. I might have put it in my bag by accident." Mandy continued to play dumb, trying to hide her true feelings. She didn't want Nathan to know how much she loved him. She was afraid that it would make him become more proud.

Nathan picked up the paper bag that had been crumpled by Mandy and took out his shirt. He looked at the shirt and found that it was really his. However, suddenly there was a pleasant smell in the narrow compartment. Nathan had a keen sense of smell. He sniffed it again.

The smell was rather familiar to Nathan. It was from Mandy's body, mixed with faint milky flavor. Nathan especially liked this kind of fresh scent.

"Why d

in his heart torturing him.

"Well... I can't give that back to you," Mandy replied, her voice getting softer with a trace of sadness. Hearing what Nathan said, Mandy was stunned.

How nice it would be if his heart was really with her. But the problem was that his heart had never been with her. So how could Mandy return his heart to him?

"Then you will never be able to get rid of me." A thin smile spread across his face.

"Nathan, it's useless to pester me."

"Mandy, I also know that it is useless to force you to accept me, but I enjoy the feeling that you are tortured by me. It is easier to destroy your family than to kill an ant," Nathan suddenly said. His voice, which had been as mellow as red wine just a moment ago, was instantly full of coldness.

"I know... So, it's up to you. Just do whatever you want." Mandy smiled sadly. The love between the two of them was rather weird. In fact, she could never know for sure whether it could be referred to as love in the first place.

The reason behind their break up was what had happened that night between Mandy and Bruce. After that night, Mandy could not quite muster the courage to approach Nathan again. She knew what kind of person Nathan was. He was a sensitive man with very high self-esteem and pride. However, what he had done for Mandy had already touched his bottom line. For the sake of her, he had trampled on his self-esteem again and again. When Mandy saw him behave like that, she felt extremely distressed and sorry for him.

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