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   Chapter 275 Get In The Car

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"Don't come upstairs. I will come down!" Mandy bit her lip and shouted, looking angry.

"Return my shirt immediately! Don't play tricks with me!" Nathan shouted over the phone laughingly. The bottom of his eyes turned dark.

After hanging up the phone, Mandy clenched her fist angrily. Then she picked up her dress and ran into the bathroom. Quickly, she took off Nathan's white shirt and put on her dress.

'Damn it. If I had known he would find out, I would not have taken it. I was just inviting trouble!' Mandy thought to herself.

Cursing her stupidity, Mandy regretted what she had done. She ran downstairs, wanting to return the white shirt to Nathan.

Nathan parked his car and waited patiently. He seemed to be familiar with this place. Now he was inspecting it carefully from his car.

Stars were shining in the dark blue sky, and the wind was a little cold at this hour. The air was mixed with the faint fragrance of roses. There was a large garden of roses in the square of the MC Garden. Recently, all the roses had bloomed.

Mandy pushed open the burglar-proof door. The night was deep and quiet. By now, most of the people in the MC Garden had fallen asleep.

Nathan had parked his car in a very noticeable spot, so Mandy spotted it as soon as she came out. She lowered her eyes and swept her eyelashes lightly. Then she slowly walked towards the car.

She walked closer to Nathan but stopped when she was five steps away from him. She wanted to move forward, but her legs wouldn't move. Without any choice, she stood frozen. She clenched her fists tightly, and the paper bag she held in her hand became a bit crumpled.

In the dark night, Mandy's face came into sight. His heart was filled with sadness on seeing her.

Nathan couldn't move forward either. He sat in his car and waited for Mandy to come to the passenger seat. After what felt like ages, she took a step forward and knocked on the window, indicating for him to roll down the window.

Mandy had assumed that she could leave as soon as she returned the white shirt to Nathan. But things weren't going as per her plans.

Five seconds passed,

nning on giving him an answer, he quickly stretched out his right hand and pinched Mandy's jaw, forcing her to look into his eyes.

Mandy was taken aback by his question. She had no idea what he was implying.

"I don't know what you are talking about," Mandy spoke with darkened eyes. There was a hint of stubbornness in her tone. She refused to show weakness in her eyes. The silence in the car was unnerving.

"On one occasion, you lied to me that you got sunstroke while you went shopping with your sister. But in truth, you went to the No. 1 High School with your former lover. Do you take me for a fool? You're a liar!" Nathan spoke aloud. There was a darkness in his eyes, which Mandy had never seen before. It was akin to a bottomless cage that could suck a human soul in.

'Does he know everything? How did he find out?' Mandy wondered inwardly. She swallowed nervously and gave up on her attempt to talk since her throat was dry.

"Nathan, we have broken up. I don't feel obliged to explain things to you. It is none of your business!" Mandy retorted back angrily. Her eyes turned huge, staring straight into Nathan's eyes. She was bereft of fear now. She had prepared for the worst, so she was not afraid of irritating him.

"But I deserve to know! We may have broken up now, but that was before our break up. It makes you an unfaithful woman!" Nathan spat back coldly. His accusing eyes bore into hers.

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