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   Chapter 274 Where Is My Shirt

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'Hold him to account? How could I hold him to account?' Bruce scoffed at the thought of it.

"Don't worry. I won't!" Bruce promised. Although he wanted Nathan to be punished for his actions, he was aware that it was impossible. Nathan was a mega-billionaire and had every means to escape the accusation through the loop-holes.

"It's getting late. I should go. Rest well and take care." Nacy sighed. It had been a long day, and things were so complicated that it began to give her a headache as well.

"Nacy, don't think about it too much. Let it be! Things will get better eventually," Bruce said softly.

Nacy's heart melted at the sight of Bruce's smiling face. He was a great guy, and it was hard for her to forget him.

Nacy couldn't help but smile in return. Her love for Bruce hit her with full force.

At the MC Garden

Mandy was exhausted and fell on the bed as her body was begging her to curl up into a ball and sleep. When she turned around, she saw a white men's shirt, which was folded neatly on her pillow. It was Nathan's shirt, which Mandy had turned into her comfort pajamas.

She picked up the shirt and held it to her nose and sniffed. The sweet scent of Nathan consumed her, and she instantly felt safe and happy. She hugged his shirt tightly and felt as if she was hugging him. She closed her eyes and let the feeling seep in. The soft fabric calmed her tense nerves.

The shirt was the only thing Mandy had taken from Nathan's house. Nathan had many shirts in his wardrobe. Mandy had flicked a white, plain shirt, thinking that Nathan wouldn't find out. What difference would one shirt make in his huge pile of shirts?

"What are you doing, Mandy?" Fiona asked in bewilderment as she walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower.

"Nothing, Nana. I'm going to take a shower." Mandy nodded and smiled.

"Oh, hurry up," Fiona said, walking towards the bed.

Mandy quickly grabbed the shirt, jumped out of bed, and headed to the bathroom.

No. 520, Haibin Road

Nathan was looking tired when he returned home after work around half-past-eight at night. He was restless, and work wasn't taking his mind off Mandy. His head started to hurt after

ant you to return what you've taken from my place," Nathan said. The curtains in Mandy's room were drawn, and he couldn't see anything. As he continued to peer at Mandy's room, the curtains shuffled, and Nathan could make out that the lights were on through the tiny gap.

Mandy's heart skipped a beat when she heard his words, and her face was flustered with embarrassment. "What did I take from your home?" she asked in a trembling voice.

"Oh, come on! Don't act like you don't know. Where is my white shirt?" Nathan couldn't stop grinning like an idiot. His hold on the steering wheel tightened.

"How do I know where your white shirt is?" Mandy swallowed loudly. She was possessively hugging the white shirt, which she was wearing. She was unaware of the surveillance cameras in Nathan's room and wondered how on earth he had found out that she had flicked his white shirt.

"Well, I have checked the surveillance video, and I know that you have taken it with you. I can send you a screenshot of the video if you don't believe me," Nathan said cockily. He knew that Mandy would not admit the truth easily.

Mandy remained silent for a while and finally mumbled, "Err ... I stained your white shirt. So I threw it away."

"Oh, I see. Looks like you're forcing me to come upstairs. I need to take a look for myself." Nathan smirked as he knew how to make Mandy come and see him. He had made up his mind to not leave the place without seeing her.

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