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   Chapter 267 I Asked You Out On Purpose

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Updated: 2020-03-03 17:59

"Ha-ha!" Daisy laughed out loud. "Tell me, what do you want from me this time?" she asked as her laughter trailed off. Her tone became serious as if she was ready to be of his service.

She knew her nephew very well. He wouldn't call her unless it was important, or he needed a favor from her. But Daisy liked being there to help him.

"Aunt Daisy, please don't blow my cover..." said Damian with a sense of guilt. He realized that he only contacted his aunt when he needed help, but there was no one else he could turn to.

"I know you so well!" Daisy stood up and started heading downstairs to change her clothes. She was convinced that in order to help Damian, she needed to go out and meet him somewhere.

"Yes, Aunt. I do need your help with something. Are you free right now? Let's meet at the Starbucks on Water Street?" suggested Damian as it was a rather urgent matter.

"Okay. See you at half past two!" Daisy confirmed. She agreed to his request readily, for she cared a lot about him. For everything he asked for, she was willing to offer him help. Most importantly, she knew he seldom came to her for help. It made her happy that he counted on her this time.

On the other side, Mandy stood behind Damian, listening to him talk to his aunt. She actually got goose bumps hearing his words. She was disgusted by him. What a smooth talker he was!

"How can you be so adept at talking people into what you want?" Mandy asked in a condescending manner. Her lips curled into a sarcastic smile as she looked at him with narrowed eyes.

"How would I win a woman's heart if not through my sweet talk? Don't women like to hear sweet things?" Damian stood up calmly and tidied up his suit, all ready to leave.

"I don't like to hear sweet things!" Mandy now yelled, losing her calm. She strode behind him, trying to catch up.

"Stop pretending. Don't you like it if Nathan praises you?" said Damian, attacking her back. She could try to put him down as much as she wanted, but that wouldn't change the truth.

If Nathan praised her, she would be overjoyed. In fact, Nathan's very presence satisfied her, even if he didn't utter a single word to her. But now everything had changed.

She had already lost her virginity by sleeping with Nathan. She knew she needed to talk with him, but she didn't have the

et. She was still coming to terms with the fact that they had broken up and that she didn't need to defend him anymore.

"How's the sandwich?" Damian asked Daisy as she took a bite from the sandwich. He knew her aunt liked desserts very much. Sweet and greasy cakes and macaroons were her favorite. Having lived a luxurious life in the Jin Family for decades now, she was used to eating the highest quality of confectionery.

"Oh, it's delicious! I haven't eaten sandwiches for a long time," Daisy said, taking another sip from her coffee.

Mandy wiped her sweaty palms on her legs. She didn't know why she was getting so nervous! Fortunately, Daisy wasn't sitting next to her, or she would definitely have found out how fidgety she was.

"Aunt, I asked you to come here today because I wanted to give you some good news!" Damian said with a gentle smile. He turned his head and looked at Mandy lovingly. Daisy followed his eyes, staring at him with a keen expression. What was going on? He then took Mandy's hand in his own and announced, "Aunt, I'm dating Mandy now."

Even Mandy was surprised to hear him. How had he announced it so quickly and effortlessly? And why did he hold her hand? This was embarrassing enough as it is!

Daisy put her cup down. She was so astonished that the coffee almost spilled out of her mouth.

She gazed at the two of them for a long time, then picked up a tissue and wiped her mouth. After a while, as the two looked at her expectantly, she spoke gravely, "What's going on? Miss Zhou, aren't you..."

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