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   Chapter 258 Breakup Letter

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"Let you go? Why do you want me to let you go, Mandy?" Mandy's words had pierced into Nathan's heart like a sharp knife that killed all his happiness in an instant. However, he tried to hide it by feigning a smile.

"It's because I don't love you. I have never loved you." Mandy's cold and cruel eyes stared into Nathan's with determination. There was not a hint of love and kindness.

"Who do you love then?" Nathan sneered at her response.

"Daniel–It has always been him. I was with him for three years." Mandy's heart broke when those words escaped from her mouth. She was left with no choice–it was the only way that Nathan would leave her. Mandy had no clue where Daniel was and, therefore, felt that it was safe to use his name. He wouldn't be in trouble either.

"I don't believe you." Nathan shook his head vigorously.

"That's enough, Nathan! It's over–we are over." Mandy stressed upon every word.

Nathan's jaw fell open at the intensity of her words. He froze on the spot, staring at her. He finally gathered the strength, turned his heels, and walked away.

Nathan didn't want to lose his last drop of dignity. Mandy had chosen to break up with him for Daniel, and he did not want to lose his self-respect by standing there anymore.

Mandy's heart was thrumming loudly when she saw Nathan turn around and walk away. Silent tears streamed down her cheeks.

She wanted to run over to him, sweep him into a tight embrace, and never let him go. She almost took a step forward but fought the urge to call him. All her efforts would be in vain if she didn't keep her emotions in check.

Mandy dragged herself home. Her heart had become numb, body exhausted, and mind tangled in a complete mess. She had forced Nathan to walk out of her life, and now that he was gone, she wanted him back.

But she was ashamed to even look at him.

The dazzling light hit Mandy on the face when she reached her apartment. Her cold heart had warmed up a little under the cozy, f

h Mandy and was perhaps having a troubled night.

Nathan drove to Simon's home. Simon was in his room, playing video games with a happy grin plastered on his face. Although Simon was running a company, he was still a child at heart.

Having driven his Lamborghini all the way to the Ye Family's villa, he brought his car to a halt when he arrived at the villa–grabbed his keys and rang the doorbell.

The servant immediately opened the door and froze on the spot when she saw Nathan seething with anger.

"Hello, Mr. Nathan." She bowed her head in front of Nathan.

"Where is Simon?"

"He is in the room," the servant replied, with her head down. She managed to cast a sideways-glance at Nathan and wondered what was bothering him.

Nathan practically skipped upstairs and kicked Simon's door open.

Simon, who was in the middle of the game, was shocked to see who had opened his door without his permission.

When Simon turned around and was about to give the intruder a piece of his mind, he saw Nathan's bloodshot eyes. He knitted his eyebrows and turned off his game without saying a word.

"Nathan, what's wrong with you?" Simon asked, as he stood up from the sofa and walked towards him.

"Come with me. Let's have a drink." Nathan was leaning on the door frame, reluctant to walk into the room.

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