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   Chapter 256 Nathan Was Back

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"I'm not kidding. You can ask someone else to help you. I can't do that. And please don't come to me anymore," Mandy said calmly.

Justin didn't say a word. After a pause, he finally decided to give up.

He didn't know why, but he believed that Mandy wouldn't lie to him. After all, she really didn't need to hide the fact that they broke up.

"Miss Zhou, I'm so sorry for all the trouble I've caused you. From now on, you'll never hear from me again," Justin said politely.

"It's fine. Take care, Mr. Lin."

Dejected, Justin trudged away. Mandy watched him leave, feeling sorry for him.

Things had changed drastically in a matter of days. She still remembered when they had first met in the coffee shop. He was so energetic and vivid then.

Time passed by very quickly, and no one in the world could control that.

After work, Mandy returned home, extremely exhausted. The first thing she saw was Fiona curled up on the sofa, looking just as tired.

Mandy put down her bag and rubbed her temples. She walked up to Fiona quietly and asked, "Fiona, what's wrong? Why aren't you studying?"

It was really strange to see Fiona like this as she'd never seen her in this state before. Normally, when she came home, Fiona would be hard at work, studying, and doing her homework.

"Sister, Mr. Xu was fired by the school." When she turned, she burst into tears. She threw herself into Mandy's arms and began to sob.

"What? Fired?" Mandy was confused. She couldn't believe what she had heard. What did Bruce do? Why would he be fired?

"Sister, it probably has something to do with... with Mr. Jin." As she spoke, she almost said "brother-in-law" but was able to stop herself when she saw the look in Mandy's eyes.

"Let me talk to Bruce first." Mandy then stood up, grabbed her phone, and

he was still very warm and welcome. What happened?'

"Mom, can you go back to the kitchen and finish cooking? I need to talk to him." Mandy quickly walked towards him. This was the face that she loved with all her heart. She couldn't help but feel distressed as she stared into his handsome face.

Madeline shook her head and walked into the kitchen. Meanwhile, Fiona had just sat down on the sofa.

The atmosphere became thick with tension. Mandy touched her nose in guilt as she didn't know how to start.

"You're back?" said Mandy, after taking a few deep breaths.

"Yes. When I went to the villa to drop off my luggage, you weren't there. I asked Lillian, and she told me you were here, so I've come to pick you up." A doting smile appeared on his handsome face. The minute he saw Mandy, he felt as if his exhaustion from the ten-hour flight had disappeared.

Nathan obviously still hadn't seen the letter. What should she tell him so that he'd leave? How could she even begin to talk about Bruce being fired? What should she say?

"Let's talk outside," Mandy said as she looped her arm around Nathan's like she used to.

"Sister." Fiona looked toward them, a worried look on her face.

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