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   Chapter 254 Successfully Deceived Nathan

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Although Cassie was busy with work, she wasn't oblivious to the nurses gossiping about Mandy's neck.

"Hey, did you see strawberries on Director Zhou's neck?" one of them joked.

"Yes, I did. Gosh, they were bright and red. Do you think Director Zhou was making love to Mr. Jin the entire night?" another said.

"Mr. Jin has gone to the extent of planting strawberries on her neck. It's definitely a night of passion!"

"I'm jealous of her. She not only gets all his money but gets to do nasty things with his sexy body as well."

Cassie lowered her head, trying to concentrate on her work. She pretended like she was unaware of what was happening, but things weren't as simple as that.

Once Cassie was done with her work, she walked into Mandy's office and saw her munching on a piece of bread while sipping a glass of milk.

"Director Zhou, why are you having your lunch this late?" Cassie asked worriedly.

"I've already had my lunch. This is my snack," Mandy lied. She hadn't eaten since morning.

"Do you like bread?" Cassie asked, dragging a chair to sit opposite to Mandy.

"Yes, I love bread," Mandy said, sipping from the glass of milk.

"What are those marks on your neck? Everyone's talking about it outside!" Cassie was aware that Nathan was on a business trip to the USA and that it couldn't be his love marks.

"I got sunstroke so... You know..." Mandy was hinting for Cassie to understand. Her reassuring smile made Cassie believe her.

Mandy had gained her composure and put on a happy front as she didn't want others to worry about her. She did not intend to tell the truth–about her one night stand with Bruce–to anyone but her family.

"Oh, I get it. Let me get back to work. I'm sorry for bothering you," said Cassie.

"Okay, work hard!" Mandy smiled.

Mandy drove to her home directly after work. She had din

o come back early, Nathan. You need to make enough money to take me on a world tour one day." Mandy smiled. It was Mandy's biggest dream–to travel all around the world with the love of her life.

"Okay, whatever you want. Your wish is my command." Nathan smiled. He meant it–he would do anything for her.

They chatted easily for a while before Nathan urged her to go to bed–only then would he be able to catch his flight on time.

Mandy disconnected the call, placed the phone on the bedside table, turned off the lights, and fell into darkness.

It was a long, sleepless night.

Fred was preparing Nathan's luggage with a small smile on his face.

"Mr. Jin, you have changed a lot!" Fred said, shaking his head.

"I have?" Nathan cocked his head to the side.

"Yeah, Miss. Zhou has changed you. You are a lot happier and more outgoing than before, just like your high school days." Fred smiled at him.

Fred could see Nathan's love for Mandy shining in his eyes. He was glad to see him happy.

"It's a good thing, isn't it?" A happy smile crept on to Nathan's lips at the thought of Mandy. He thought that she would be waiting for him to return, just like he was dying to see her."

"It is definitely a good thing!"

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