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   Chapter 251 I Would Tell You Later

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Even at this moment, Mandy still insisted that she was wrong. With all this, Bruce rested his head on her shoulder like a man in mourning. His face darkened with sadness.

"Mand, I love you, and I always will. Won't you give me a chance? Break up with Nathan," he urged. "I may not be as rich as him or as gifted as him, but I'll love you more than he ever did. You're the only woman in my life." Bruce released his hold of Mandy, gazing into her eyes. There was a flash of desperation on his face, but it quickly disappeared. He had hoped that Mandy could give him a chance.

Mandy slowly shook her head, stunned by his offer. "If I chose to be with you, Bruce, it would be unfair on you." She smiled softly. "I can't do that."

"What can I do to change your mind?"

"Don't push me...please." Her voice lowered to a whisper. Though strained, it was firm and strong, which he greatly admired. Even in these circumstances, Mandy was holding herself together.

However, her words had struck deep as Bruce turned away. To push her...was his love nothing but restraints holding her back? Did it really mean that little to her? He kept himself calm. He wasn't going to give up that easily.

As long as Mandy broke up with Nathan, he would still have a chance. Considering the bigger picture, he quieted down. At present, it wasn't the right time to force her to love him. He should remain to be her good friend.

If he knew something about Mandy, she wouldn't get back together with Nathan after this incident.

In order to avoid averting their gazes, Mandy and Bruce walked out of the hotel separately. Mandy didn't bring her cell phone with her in fear of being tracked, plus, she wasn't feeling like returning to No. 520, Haibin Road like this...but she had no other choice.

Bruce had insisted on taking Mandy home, but she was as stubborn as a mule. She wasn't planning on doing anything stupid, especially not after such a setback. Besides, she had her entire family waiting for her. With no other choice but to back down, Bruce agreed, but he immediately gave Fiona a call, asking her to call him back when Mandy arrived home.

Meanwhile, at the MC Garden

Both Madeline and Fiona were at home. After receiv

After all, Mandy was her only daughter. Seeing her like that, she would think the worst had happened.

Mandy padded into the bathroom and soaked in the bathtub till her hands shriveled from the long time she spent in the water. It was not until then that she started to rub her towel onto her skin, not stopping till it turned bright red.

It was torture. Her tender skin reddened. Some of it even bled, but she didn't care.

Mandy didn't want to stop. The feeling of dirtiness never escaped her, as she continued, trying her best to wipe any traces from her body, especially her neck. However, no matter how hard she tried, the red marks still existed, mocking her efforts.

With a bang, Mandy threw her handheld mirror onto the tiles. At the impact, the mirror shattered into pieces.

Madeline and Fiona were outside of Mandy's door, listening intently to get an idea of what she was doing. When they heard glass shattering, they quickly rushed inside the room by using the spare key.

The bedroom was empty, so Madeline didn't waste any time to rush into the bathroom.

Mandy was soaked in the bathroom, her whole body bright red. She didn't even bother to open the ventilator. As such, the whole room was a cloud of white mist, as if she was trying to suffocate herself.

Fiona trembled at the sight, quickly turning on the ventilator. Glancing at the broken glass and her bright skin, she stared at her sister with red-rimmed eyes. "What's wrong with you, Mand?"

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