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   Chapter 249 A Trap Set By Bruce

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Lillian narrowed her eyes, still smiling. One could easily see the affection in her eyes. She had always liked Mandy and treated her as if she was her own daughter. It wasn't until Mandy had finished singing the birthday song that she chimed in, "Miss Zhou, you're too nice."

"Lillian, please accept this gift as a small token of my appreciation. Now, make a wish!" Mandy said gently. She blushed in response to Lillian's sweet comment.

After speaking, Mandy turned off all the lights in the villa with the remote control so that only the birthday cake was lighting up the room.

Lillian was extremely touched upon seeing this. Beaming, she folded her hands and made a wish.

With that, Lillian blew out the candles.

Then Mandy turned on the lights, took out a plastic knife and passed it to Lillian, so she could cut the cake.

Although Lillian was getting a bit old, she had never experienced a birthday celebration like this, so this made her very happy.

"Lillian, this is my gift for you. I didn't know what you wanted, but I saw on the news that winter's going to be very cold this year, so I got you a wool shawl. You can use it when winter rolls in," Mandy said as she handed the gift bag to Lillian.

"Miss Zhou, thank you!" Lillian said, nodding her head repeatedly, tears still in her eyes.

Mandy couldn't help but smile too. Happiness was infectious that way sometimes.

They both ended up enjoying themselves immensely during dinner.

After dinner, Mandy went upstairs to take a shower. When she had finished, she decided to put on one of Nathan's shirts, so she could feel somehow that he was near her.

Soon, Mandy received a call from Nathan. She rolled over on her bed to answer the call.

"What are you doing, Mand?" the husky and charming voice of Nathan said through the phone. Mandy had started to miss his voice.

Bar, so Mandy drove Bruce there.

"Excuse me. I'd like to ask for a standard room please," Mandy told the receptionist.

"May I please see an ID?" said the receptionist.

Mandy frowned. Luckily, she had an ID with her. She took it out, paid for the room, and dragged Bruce to the room.

As soon as she opened the door, a fragrance filled her nose. She saw that there were a good number of lavender candles around the room that were lit. The smell wasn't overpowering, though.

"Mand, I love you. I love you so much! Please don't leave me alone!" Bruce was extremely drunk. His face was flushed from all the alcohol he had been drinking. His eyes were a bit red too. Suddenly, he started to pull Mandy towards his body.

"Bruce, what are you doing?!" Frightened, Mandy immediately pushed him away and stepped back.

"Why not… Is it wrong that I love you?" Bruce cried as he pounded his own chest. He looked pitiful.

"Bruce, I didn't say that. It's never wrong to love. Please just get some rest. I need to leave," Mandy said calmly. Suddenly, her eyelids were starting to feel heavy, and she was starting to feel dizzy too. She felt as if the room was spinning as if she was drunk too. Her body started to feel very light.

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