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   Chapter 248 Lillian's Birthday

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It was dusk, and it was raining at a steady rhythm. The downpour had engulfed City A, making it look dark, solemn, and depressing.

After work, Mandy stepped out of the elevator and saw the familiar bunch of men in black, who greeted in unison, "Hello, Miss Zhou."

"Have you been here all this time?" Mandy asked, looking appalled. Her colleagues who were coming out of the elevator, cast strange glances at her. She couldn't help but feel self-conscious and nervous at the sudden attention.

"It's our duty, ma'am," one of the men answered.

"Thank you, but you don't have to accompany me today. I'm only going back to the villa." Mandy smiled politely.

A group of valiant, strong men, were always following Mandy everywhere. It piqued everyone's curiosity, which made Mandy feel strange as she hated being the center of attention. She was just a common girl who was being protected as if she were a big star.

"We can't leave until you safely enter the villa. Please understand, Miss Zhou," the man continued in his business-like tone.

Mandy groaned. "All right, but can you not be too obvious? Why don't you conceal yourself from people?" she asked with hopeful eyes.

The man's face flushed with embarrassment. "Err ... I'm afraid that is not possible, Miss Zhou. You must always be within our safe sight."

"All right." Mandy looked disappointed and reluctantly stepped into the car.

The car sped out from the underground garage, and Mandy decided to go to the Bluelover Bakery. It was Lillian's birthday, and she had booked a cake for her.

Mandy gazed out of the window, staring at the raindrops that were incessantly hitting the ground with a slow thrumming sound. She hated the rain–the dull sky and the wet roads made her feel depressed. Moreover, there had been a typhoon recently, which had messed with her mood and schedule. To top it all, Mandy had forgotten to carry her umbrella.

Mandy groaned and looked around the car. Her eyes settled on a black, folded umbrella, which was ele


Lillian walked into the living room with a steaming bowl of soup. Her eyes widened with shock when she saw the beautiful cake on the table.

She gently placed the soup down and wiped her hands on the apron. "Miss Zhou, how did you know that it is my birthday today?" Lillian looked grateful.

"Nathan told me. He is on a business trip, so he couldn't be here. It is just me and you this time. But next year, on your fiftieth birthday, both Nathan and I will be here to celebrate it, OK?" Mandy said happily, picturing how wonderful it would be for the three of them to celebrate Lillian's birthday.

"Miss Zhou, thank..." Lillian cleared her throat. "Thank you." She couldn't contain her tears and began to choke. She became emotional at their kindness and love for her.

"Oh, come on, Lillian. It's my wish to celebrate your birthday–it makes me happy. Let's have dinner." Mandy pulled Lillian to sit down on a chair opposite to her.

Lillian was an unfortunate woman. She had lost her family with whom she wanted to celebrate her birthday and share her happiness. She was only left with Nathan and Mandy, who treated her like their own.

"Happy birthday, Lillian, happy birthday to you..." Mandy's beautiful song reverberated in the house. Although it was raining heavily outside, the villa was filled with love and warmth.

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