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   Chapter 246 The Male Voice Over The Phone

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"When I was going home today, Justin and his men were there and tried to kidnap me. It was a good thing someone was there to help me, and I was able to escape." Mandy clutched her chest. Even up until now, she was trembling out of fear. The whole thing was still so fresh in her memory. It really was a close call.

"What? How could that happen?" Nathan's eyes narrowed with a murderous glare. His lips curled into a sneer as his breathing got heavy with anger.

'Justin has quite the nerve to try and kidnap my woman!'

"I don't know. That's what I wanted to ask you actually. He said he was really desperate," Mandy whispered. She still felt a little scared when she thought of Justin.

"Mand, did you get hurt?" Nathan asked with both concern and gentleness in his domineering tone.

"No, I'm fine," Mandy said, smilingly shaking her head.

"That's good," Nathan said. Then, he let out a deep sigh as he rubbed his tired eyes. "This is all my fault," he continued, "I put a lot of pressure on the Lin Group by reporting their role in some shady equity. The Supervision Department has been investigating them lately because of this. It looks like Justin was trying to threaten me by getting to you." Nathan gritted his teeth, his grip tightening on his phone. "Don't worry, Mand. Tomorrow, I will have people there to guard you at all times." 'If anything happened to Mandy because of my actions, I won't be able to live with myself!

No one can hurt her without going through me first!' Nathan thought coldly.

"Justin is so mean," Mandy said with indignation, but when she heard Nathan's voice, she calmed down a little.

"Take a shower first and don't go to sleep too late." Nathan took a glance at his watch. It was already ten o'clock in City A now. Knowing that Mandy had had a stressful day, Nathan wanted her to get as much rest as possible.

"Okay, Nathan," Mandy said in a singsong voice. She didn't want to hang up the phone. She wanted to have a few more minutes talking to Nathan.

Just at this moment, Bruce knocked on the door of Mandy's room. "Mand, can I come

oying. When will she stop bothering me?' Mandy sneered in her heart.

'What was wrong with her? How could she do this to me and ruin my wonderful morning!'

"Well, I see...You are really defensive, Dr. Zhou." A mocking smile appeared on Eve's red lips.

Mandy ignored Eve and walked directly to the doctors' elevator. It was exclusively for the use of doctors at JR Hospital. No one could get in without a special key card.

However, Mandy was not quick enough. Just when the doors were about to close, Eve quickly rushed inside with her.

Mandy stared at her with her arms crossed over her chest. "Miss Su, if you are going to see a doctor, I suggest you register first. Besides, this is the in-patient department."

"I happened to go to the in-patient department." Eve put one hand on her hip as she narrowed her eyes at Mandy.

"This elevator is only for doctors. Please get out." Mandy pressed the button and opened the elevator door, which was about to close.

"Is there anyone that made a rule that only doctors are allowed to take this elevator? Do you think a woman like you, Miss Zhou, deserves to be a doctor?" A disdainful sneer appeared on Eve's beautiful face.

Hearing that, Mandy's bright eyes turned dark. Her good mood was destroyed completely. She wondered why Eve came to the hospital. After all, if Eve was around, it most probably meant she was causing trouble.

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