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   Chapter 242 Someone Who Doesn't Love Money

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"Well, I was going to ask if you could play badminton with me. I guess we'll have to postpone our plan to another day," Nacy mumbled, looking disappointed.

"I will surely play with you some other day," Bruce promised. He was a chivalrous guy who was good at flattering women. He had rejected Nacy in a way that wouldn't hurt her feelings.

At the JR Hospital

"Good morning, Director Zhou!" Cassie greeted Mandy with a bright smile. Cassie was relieved after having decided to stay faithful to her friendship with Mandy.

"Good morning, Cas!" Mandy replied. She was looking robust as she walked inside the office with a bag in her hand.

Mandy had finished her routine ward rounds and was in the operating room again, ready to perform a surgery. She was having a busy day and didn't have time to have lunch.

Cassie was engrossed in her work, and her eyes were fixed on the desk. Jayleen walked up to Cassie and greeted her with a smile.

"Cas, you are looking great today," Jayleen said as she entered into the nurse's station.

"Nice to see you, Jayleen!" Cassie arched her eyebrows.

It was then that a tall, handsome man, dressed in a neat suit of clothes walked into the quiet in-patient department. Everyone's eyes flitted in his direction.

A group of young nurses was gushing about the handsome man from a distance. Cassie glanced in the direction of the man and recognized him at once; it was Bruce.

She saw Bruce was walking towards her.

"Excuse me, is Director Zhou here?" Bruce asked politely.

"She is in the middle of open-heart surgery." Cassie shrugged casually.

The nurses pretended as if they were busy with their work while they were holding their breath and staring at Bruce the whole time. They couldn't take their eyes away from Bruce's handsome face.

"Oh, when will she come out?" Bruce frowned with disappointment.

"I have no idea. It depends on t

r work. She was going to meet Eve and settle everything between them. She didn't want to work for her anymore.

"Hi, Cas!" Eve smiled. She was wearing a pair of fitted jeans and a white crop top. The material of her top clung to her body at all the right places. She was looking beautiful, and everyone's eyes were on her.

"Miss Su!" Cassie said through her gritted teeth. She clenched her fists as she got a headache at the mere sight of Eve.

Eve recoiled at the way Cassie had addressed her. She was being polite and distant–it felt wrong. Eve had a feeling that Cassie wasn't here to give her the information that she needed.

"Why have you become polite and distant, Cas? We are friends, aren't we?" Eve smiled and batted her eyelashes, trying to look innocent.

"This is your bank card with your entire 500, 000 dollars. I haven't used a penny from it–I'm returning it to you. I haven't worn the clothes you've bought for me. You can have it back, or I will pay you in cash–whatever works for you." Cassie was holding out the bank card as she didn't want to be Eve's bait anymore.

"It's shocking to see someone who doesn't love money," Eve said in mock horror. There was a wicked grin on Eve's pretty face as she refused to take the card immediately.

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