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   Chapter 241 What An Evil Idea

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"Hello, Mr. Xu." Eve was wearing a vintage lace crocheted dress that made her just look absolutely elegant. She had also selected Gucci's newest and trendiest handbag to flaunt.

"Miss Su, please sit down," Bruce greeted, a faint smile playing on his lips.

Eve sat across Bruce. When she glanced at the table, she saw that Bruce had already ordered two cups of coffee.

"I ordered a cup of Americano and a cup of cappuccino. Which one do you prefer, Miss Su?" Bruce said with a gentle smile that didn't seem quite right as if he was hiding something behind it.

"I would like the Americano, please," Eve said with a smile.

Bruce handed the cup of Americano to Eve and glanced at her sharply.

"Miss Su, may I know why you wanted to see me today?" Bruce's hands shone in the sunlight as he reached for his coffee to take a sip.

Eve also grabbed her cup to take a sip, her eyes unreadable. "I heard that you are a math teacher at the No. 1 High School of City A, Mr. Xu,"

she mused as she stirred her coffee. She was obviously beating around the bush.

"Yes," Bruce replied indifferently.

"Mr. Xu, you're still so young and promising. Can you tell me about your students? Are they really rebellious? I hear they're very opinionated," Eve continued, still trying to delay the looming conversation.

However, Bruce had easily seen right through her. He could tell that Eve was trying to butter him, and that wasn't his style. He liked to go straight to the point, no beating around the bush.

"Well, it's fine... Miss Su, I really hope you'll be forward with me and just come straight to the point," Bruce said calmly. He didn't seem as if he was impatient at all; although, there was a slight wrinkle between his eyebrows.

"Mr. Xu, you're a very straightforward person, I see," Eve said meaningfully. If she could reach an agreement with Bruce today, she'd be closer to achieving her plan. Bruce was easier to deal with, and he was much more useful than Cassie.

As Bruce took a sip of his coffee, he felt the jolt of the bitter taste spread in his

e so considerate," Bruce said plainly, his face unreadable.

"Nathan is in the US for a business trip. He'll be back in a week. Now is our chance," Eve said matter-of-factly. They knew if they waited for Nathan to come back, they wouldn't be able to set up an appointment to meet with Mandy so easily.

Bruce raised his head—his face still emotionless. Then he said, "I need time to think it over."

"All right, I'll wait for your decision. I can wait until Wednesday. That is when they say the typhoon is coming." Eve was in no rush. After all, she believed Bruce would cooperate with her. If he had wanted to refuse, he would have done it right away.

The time he was asking to think things over was just to address his inner struggle.

When they left the coffee shop, the weather was a little hot. People were sweating buckets even though they were just standing outside.

Suddenly, Bruce received a call from Nacy. He answered it as soon as he got in his car.

"Bruce, what are you doing?" Nacy asked softly.

"I'm preparing for my lectures at home. I only have a week left until the new term starts." Bruce quickly made up an excuse so he could turn her down.

His mind was a mess. How could he even consider doing such a terrible thing to Mandy? Even just thinking about it made him feel uneasy. However, Mandy was his dream girl. He was madly in love with her.

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