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   Chapter 238 Exchanging Life Experience

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The restaurant was owned by a middle-aged couple. It had been operating near Moonlight Bay Park for more than 20 years. Mandy remembered that when she was a child, Stanley always took her and Madeline here for dinner during their vacations.

Mandy arrived just as they were serving the food. The restaurant was jam-packed with customers. The owner was busy cooking with a young chef inside the kitchen while his wife and daughter greeted guests outside.

The owner's wife immediately recognized Mandy the second she saw her. She had quite a good memory. Squinting her eyes, she smiled and said, "Miss Zhou, it's been a while since you last came here." She was smiling as she held the menus in her hands. While her face had obviously wrinkled over time, she still looked lovely.

"Yes, I'm here with my friends today," Mandy said, smiling back. She didn't expect that the owner's wife would recognize her, especially since the last time she had been here was over five years ago.

It was completely normal for customers to remember restaurants, especially when they served good food, but it was quite unusual for owners to remember their customers.

"Miss Zhou, how are your parents?" The owner's wife asked as she led them to a private room. She still had a smile on her face as she chatted with Mandy.

"They're fine. Thank you!" Mandy replied, beaming.

"It's really been a while since I last saw you. I remember that about ten years ago, your family would come here for dinner almost every week," the owner's wife said before she pushed the door open and turned on the lights.

The room was just as well-lit and comfortable as before. The decorations had been changed over the years. It wasn't as old and shabby anymore as Mandy remembered from her childhood.

"Yeah, my dad likes the fried river snail and chopped cold chicken. I'll make sure to order him some takeout before we leave," Mandy said.

"Miss Zhou, you're so good to your fath

exactly what she was feeling, so she would understand her.

"I have my own problems too, and I'm pretty tired too," Cassie said aloud. She had so many things going on in her mind. She sat in her chair uneasily and uncertain how to face Mandy.

Cassie felt her heart twisting and aching in pain. She felt as if she was walking into a fog forest with no way of getting out.

"Cas, if you're going through anything, you know you can tell me, right? I can help you and help you get through it... Even if it's money, if you need it, I'll help you. You can tell me. We're friends, and we should be helping each other. I, too, need your help. I'm not perfect, and I really need my friend's support right now," Mandy said as she reached out her hand to hold Cassie's. This was her way of saying that she already knew something, but she knew she couldn't admit this to Cassie yet. Cassie was a good person who cared about what people thought of her. With this in mind, Mandy already knew what she needed to do.

She figured if she told Cassie that she knew about the photos, Cassie would feel guilty and embarrassed. It was entirely possible too that Cassie would quit from her job at the hospital. Mandy didn't want any of this to happen, so she decided to give Cassie the chance to explain herself first.

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