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   Chapter 235 Do You Really Live A Happy Life Now

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The next day at the JR Hospital

Mandy had gone to work early so she could attend to all the patients that were coming to the hospital that morning.

Around ten o'clock that morning, Damian came into Mandy's office unexpectedly.

Mandy was sitting in her chair as she was nursing a headache. As she gazed back at Damian, who had an evil grin on his face, she felt a strange emotion stir up in her heart.

'What is he thinking?

Is he here to cause some trouble again?'

Mandy thought inwardly. At that moment, she really wanted to call Nathan over. At this point, only Nathan was capable of dealing with Damian.

"What's troubling you?" Mandy asked as she pulled Damian's medical records.

"Mandy, is this how you treat your future brother-in-law?" Damian said with a slight smile on his face as he crossed his legs. He was wearing a nice handmade suit, which made him look noble.

"I don't care who you are. You're just my patient now, plus it's not like Nathan's ever acknowledged you as his brother in front of me," Mandy said coldly, sneering.

"Hmm... That's kind of rude of him, but you should know better. Why are you acting like this?" Damian said as he shook his head, sighing.

Mandy stiffened as she waited for him to continue. She just wanted to know what was his purpose of coming here today.

"Look at you! Are you sure that you're happy with your life right now?" As expected, Damian wasn't able to hold his temper. He still had something else of importance to do that day.

"Who are you referring to?" Mandy asked furiously. Her hands were clenched into fists, and her eyes were shooting daggers at Damian's. No wonder Nathan hated him so much!

"I'm obviously talking about you," Damian joked. He had an easy smile on his face, which contradicted his harsh words.

"Well, since you're my patient, I'm telling you right now that you're sick, and it's incurable. I'm officially giving up on you," Mandy growled, her eyes darkening. She knew that it was never easy dealing with someone like Dami

e. You have to take it diligently, okay? If you're still feeling these symptoms in a month, you have to come back for another check-up," Mandy said as she lowered her head to write something. She browsed through the medical records, furrowing her eyebrows.

In fact, Damian had already been diagnosed with heart disease last October. He already knew then, but he just refused to be treated.

The key to overcoming heart disease was early detection.

"Turns out you were already diagnosed last October. Why are you still smoking then?" Mandy asked, confused. She didn't understand what Damian was trying to do.

"It's fine. We all die sooner or later. Sometimes, it's even better if it happens to you earlier," Damian said, putting on a mocking smile, his eyes dimming.

"You're being completely irresponsible. Your father's over 50 years old, and he also has the same heart disease. He's only lived as long as he did because he received treatment and cooperated with his doctor. You're still so young. Why are you giving up already? Do you want to die before your parents do?" Mandy growled as she slammed her pen on the table. This wasn't the first time that Mandy had a patient like Damian who refused to be treated. Whenever she came across a patient like Damian, she'd try to persuade them with all her heart to cherish their precious lives.

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