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   Chapter 233 Three Gifts

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"Mr. Jin," Fred greeted. He was wearing a nice, crisp black suit.

"Just wait here and don't follow me." Nathan wanted to be alone.

"Sure." Fred turned around, got in the car, and waited there.

Nathan didn't enter any of the luxury stores. He had walked a long way and stopped in front of a shop named 'Truelove.'

The name of the shop captured his attention. He walked in without hesitation.

The decoration of the shop was simple and vintage. The air was filled with a faint smell of lavender much to his delight. Typically, Nathan didn't like the smell of perfume, but he definitely liked the lavender scent that was filling his nose.

The owner of the shop was an old man with white hair. He had just helped a young lady pack something up and proceeded to sit down. He didn't hover over Nathan—he just remained seated and kept silent.

Nathan seldom went shopping. Whenever he went shopping, he particularly disliked it when shop assistants followed behind him. He liked to browse by himself and often didn't care for what they said or suggested for him to buy.

As Nathan looked around the shop, his eyes fell on a deer-shaped brooch.

There was a Swarovski purple crystal on the deer, and its horns were inlaid with diamonds. The crystals were very exquisite and delicate in design, which suited Mandy's elegant and simple style.

The brooch definitely reminded him of Mandy, so he picked it up and decided to buy it for her.

Mandy was quite similar to a deer—adorable and cautious. As he thought of this, he couldn't help but stifle a chuckle. He thought that deer were the cutest animals.

Another item then caught Nathan's eyes—it was a Gemini tassel brooch. Its design was quite simple. Th

and laughed. "The doctor here means the title you get once you've graduated from your doctorate degree. It's different from the medical doctors that work in the hospital. You shouldn't confuse the two."

"Oh, I see. No wonder I couldn't get it right!" Fiona exclaimed.

"You have to read more so that you'll learn more. All right?" Mandy said.

"Got it, Sister."

"Okay, focus on your homework now." As Mandy stared at the screen of her cell phone, she couldn't help but feel tired. While she always felt safe and comfortable whenever she was at home, she still couldn't shake off the feeling that there was something missing.

"Why didn't brother-in-law call you today?" Fiona asked, smiling as she closed her exercise book.

She bought this exercise book for extra practice because she had already finished her homework. The new semester was about to begin in a week, and the thought of graduating soon was stressing her out.

While Fiona was the top student in her class, she was still nervous about graduating. She was a beautiful girl that excelled in her academics. All of her teachers thought highly of her, especially Bruce.

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