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   Chapter 232 Nacy's Anniversary

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"What are you here for when you want me to deal with everything?" Sarah looked annoyed. Kevin had always been a doting father who spoiled Nacy with his love. He could never say no to her. Even if Nacy wanted him to bring the stars from the sky, he would only think about the possibilities of bringing them to her rather than denying her request.

"Mom, Dad, I'm back." Nacy sauntered into the dining room with an ecstatic grin.

"Nacy, are you hungry? Wash your hands–dinner is ready." Kevin smiled. He was a friendly dad whom Nacy could share everything with. On the contrary, Sarah was a sensible, strict mother. She was practical and wanted the best for her daughter.

"Ok." Nacy put her bag in the cloakroom and washed her hands. When Nacy walked in, she knew that her parents were up to something as they were waiting in the dining room with grim faces, as if struggling to find the right time to spill the beans.

"Why are you guys looking at me like that? Is something wrong?" Nacy chewed her lips nervously.

"Nothing important. Let's have dinner first." Kevin picked up the chopsticks and immediately regretted saying it as he knew that his wife wouldn't keep quiet.

Sarah was restless, and as usual, was the first one to start the conversation. She wouldn't be able to eat in peace unless she spoke with her daughter. "Nacy, who dropped you at home?"

Nacy almost spat out her juice at the sudden confrontation.

She hadn't expected that her parents would find out about Bruce this soon.

"Did you guys check the surveillance camera again?" Nacy asked with displeasure. She hated being under constant scrutiny. There were five cameras outside the villa, and her parents were aware of all the happenings around it. She sometimes wished to live her life free from their watchful eyes. But it was only wishful thinking.

"No. We just accidentally caught sight of the footage." Kevin smiled.

Nacy arched an eyebrow as she didn't believe him. Her parents had always been overprotective. She pursed her lips and put down the glass of orange juice. "Well, now that you know, it won't be a secret anymore. Yes

ed his first project. He was peering out of the window of a commercial building as he spoke with Nacy.

"Thank you, brother. I'm glad that you remember." Nacy's eyes prickled with tears.

"Silly girl, of course, I remember everything about you. I'm in America now. So tell me, what do you want?"

"That's all right. If you want to get me a gift, then think and get something that I would love and cherish." Nacy bit her lips, trying to suppress her laughter. She looked pleased with herself for giving a tricky task to her brother. She could not help grinning, revealing her two cute dimples.

Nacy had never been materialistic. She had always been under the limelight and wore expensive clothes and jewelry every day. She believed that the thought behind getting the gift mattered more than the gift itself.

What did Nacy love the most? Nathan groaned. He knew that he was going to have a hard time hunting for the perfect gift for Nacy. She had put him in a tough spot.

"Okay, I know what to get." Nathan smiled. He hung up after having a hearty chat with his little sister.

In Manhattan, America

The sun was blazing in the sky, and the streets were crammed with people. A black commercial vehicle stopped at the corner of the road. A tall man in a dark-grey suit stepped out of the car. The suit had added a touch of elegance to his already handsome face. He was looking unique, even from behind.

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