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   Chapter 231 A Simple Wish

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Mandy's wish was a simple one. She was someone who found joy in the simplest of things. Her note read: Forget the past and move on. Wishing for good health and happiness.

The only thing she wanted was for Nathan to let go of the past and for her to win his undeterred trust.

Nacy wanted to live a happy life with Bruce.

Fiona wished to get into University A so that she could contribute back to society, just like her sister.

Bruce wrote his only wish in a swift motion. "I want Mandy to be happy forever!"

His words were clear and looked like they were printed out.

Bruce folded the pink note and slipped it into the wishing bottle. When Nacy turned around to peek into Bruce's note, she found that he had already sealed the bottle.

"Bruce, what did you wish for?" Nacy asked as she smiled and folded her note.

"I wished for everything to get better, and for my parents to be hale and healthy." Bruce shrugged casually.

Nacy's smile turned into disappointment as Bruce didn't include her in his wish. But on the brighter side, he was a filial son. Men like him loved their partners equally; if not, they loved their partners more.

Mandy walked towards the wishing tree after wrapping the bottles with a string. She frowned at the tall tree as she couldn't reach the branch to hang it. She thought that Nathan would have effortlessly hung the bottles on the tree. The thought of it made her miss him even more.

Bruce and Nacy walked towards the tree. When Bruce saw Mandy's furrowed eyebrows, he understood that she was struggling to hang the bottles. He couldn't help but smile at her cuteness. "Let me hang it for you."

Mandy thought for a second before giving the bottles to Bruce. He effortlessly hung the bottles on the same branch.

They spent the afternoon by indulging in a relaxing body massage at the resort. They left around half past four, and Bruce drove them home.

The car whizzed past the curvy roads

ry thoughtful of you." Bruce smiled gratefully.

"It's cool. Drive safe and don't forget to text when you reach home." Nacy looked down blushing.

"Okay, see you." Bruce smiled and glanced at the opulent, gold-plated villa door that was already opened.

Nacy hopped out of the car and waved at Bruce.

Bruce saw Nacy walk inside and finally drove away.

Kevin and Sarah were looking intently at the surveillance screen on the tablet.

One of their servants had informed them that Nacy was hanging out with a man lately. Kevin and Sarah were loving parents and were worried that their daughter would get hurt. When they saw Nacy walk towards the villa in the monitor, the two of them hurried to the dining room.

"Find the right time and ask her about it." Sarah narrowed her eyes. Nacy was her dear daughter, and she wanted to find out who the man was.

It was hard to find a genuine man these days. Moreover, they were rich, and many people were interested only in their wealth. Kevin and Sarah would never let their daughter marry a man who placed wealth and fame over everything else.

"You should do it. It's a mother's responsibility to talk to her daughter about love and relationships." Kevin shook his head firmly. He loved his daughter and wouldn't do anything to upset her.

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