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   Chapter 229 Get Closer

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"Thanks for your answer," Bruce said respectfully, bowing his head.

The old Buddhist simply bowed in reply as he left the temple.

Then they left the temple.

In the west, there was a tall waterfall. There were hundreds of tourists standing on the open space, trying to get a better picture of the beautiful scenery. There was just something about nature that left people at ease.

"Mand, what wishes did you make to the Bodhisattva?" Fiona looked up at her sister.

"If I told you that, it might not come true." She winked back at her as if they shared an inside joke.

"Is it something about my brother-in-law?" Fiona teased. However, from the brightened look on Mandy's face, she'd guessed right.

She simply smiled, not bothering to respond to Fiona's guess. Mandy didn't really have a grand wish. She just hoped to spend the rest of her life with Nathan, happy and healthy.

Farther away from the waterfalls stood the Cherry Blossom Resort. It had one of the best views, being higher up the mountain, but due to its expensive rates, not a lot of people could go there.

"Let's go to the resort and rest for a bit," Nacy suggested.

"Sure," Mandy agreed.

Nacy and Bruce led the way, both walking shoulder to shoulder while Fiona and Mandy followed behind.

As they neared, Mandy's phone started to ring. She slowly took it out from her bag, stopping in her tracks, unnoticed by the two at the front. Fiona stayed back to wait for her.

When she saw that it was from Nathan, she furrowed her eyebrows. 'It is 9 p.m. there! Is he jet-lagged?' she thought as she answered the call.

"Hello, Nathan," Mandy said.

ll angles as if she were a professional photographer.

"Mandy, could you take a picture for us?" Nacy handed her the camera once they neared.

"Sure," Mandy said happily.

As Nacy stepped beside him, Bruce kept his distance, leaving about twenty centimeters between their shoulders.

Mandy glanced over at them, motioning at the gap. "Move closer."

He had no choice but to listen to her words, inching closer till their shoulders touched.

Looking at the beautiful scenery, Fiona couldn't help but laugh freely. "Sir, you can hold Nacy's shoulder. You don't have to be shy!"

Bruce had to smile back. Besides, this was all just an act. If Nacy really liked him, he'd marry her, but not for the reasons some would think.

"Nacy, is that okay?" He turned to her.

"It's fine." Nacy was more than willing.

Hearing what Nacy said, Bruce held her shoulder and smiled at the camera. His smile looked so sincere and sweet that some might think he was in love with the lady beside him. What they didn't know was that his bright smile was directed at the woman holding the camera.

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