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   Chapter 228 The Best Marriage

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"Mt. Cherry Blossom," Mandy said.

"Well, Mt. Cherry Blossom is a famous tourist paradise in City A. There are all kinds of stalls, and people spend their money lavishly there. You know, it's normal to have a meal there for two hundred dollars." Fiona was still a student and only had a small amount of pocket money. She felt that it was a bad idea for her to go there.

"My silly girl, it's only two hundred dollars. I'll pay it, OK? Don't worry." Mandy flicked Fiona's nose affectionately and dragged her from the bed.

The two of them dressed up in a jiffy, downed a bowl of instant noodles, and were ready to leave.

It was seven in the morning when a yellow Ferrari gracefully stopped at the main gate of MC Garden.

The MC garden was an opulent neighborhood, and it wasn't a surprise to find expensive cars there. But what surprised Mandy was its color. It was a yellow Ferrari, which was a limited edition.

Mandy peered into the car and found Nacy on the passenger seat. She was wearing a pair of sunglasses and waved at her with a happy grin.

Mandy wondered why Nacy wasn't driving the car. It meant that somebody was joining them. Was it Bruce? Mandy narrowed her eyes in confusion.

When Mandy walked closer to the car, she realized that she was right–it was Bruce. A faint smile graced on his lips when he saw Mandy. His expression was unreadable as his eyes were shielded by sunglasses.

Mandy's jaw dropped open. She suppressed a groan when she realized how awkward the day was going to be. Mandy made a mental note to not hang out with Nacy anymore as Bruce tagged along with her all the time.

"Xu… Err...Mr. Xu!" Fiona stuttered, and her eyes were wide open in shock. She was meeting Nacy for the first time. Mandy had told her that Nacy was Nathan's cousin.

"What? Do you know each other?" Nacy smiled and turned around.

"Yes. Mr. Xu is my head teacher," Fiona said.

Mandy wanted to disappear after hearing their conversation. Her stomach was churning with fear as she was worried that Fiona might blurt out the truth. She reprimanded herself for not telling Fiona about it earlie

oo lot slipped down. She picked it up and gave it to the abbot monk.

The monk grabbed the lot and stared at the four words that were inscribed on it–'best of the best lot.'

"My Benefactor, what would you like me to interpret?" The monk smiled as he opened a book on fortune-telling.

"Umm ... Marriage. Can you tell me if this gentleman here and I are meant for each other?" She cast a quick glance at Bruce, who was standing beside her. A subtle blush crept on her cheek when she saw him looking at her.

"Nacy," Bruce whispered and tugged her sleeves as his face flushed with embarrassment.

"Please, don't stop me. I want to know if we are destined to be together," Nacy said firmly.

Bruce smiled awkwardly at Nacy as he was left with no choice. Nacy had made up her mind, and nothing would stop her from going ahead.

Mandy and Fiona were standing in silence, eager to find out what the monk was going to say.

"All right, but I need to have your date of birth and horoscope if you want me to interpret your marriage." The Abbot Monk knitted his brows as he stared at Mandy intensely.

"Err ... I don't remember it clearly." Nacy pursed her lips, trying hard to recollect the information.

"I see. My dear benefactor, don't worry. Marriage isn't entirely dependent on fate. Cherish the person in front of you, and fate will offer you the best." The monk's face broke into a divine smile.

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