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   Chapter 227 I'm Sorry

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His tone was warm, and all the traces of anger and hurt were gone. He spoke as if they hadn't quarreled this afternoon. Nathan was mad at himself for abandoning Mandy and driving away.

He had promised that he would always be there for Mandy, no matter what happened. But it was only a matter of seconds before he broke his promise. 'Isn't love the most complicated thing in the world? We end up hurting the people we love the most, ' Mandy pondered.

Mandy chuckled as a blush crept on her face. "Really?" She couldn't stop smiling at Nathan's compliment; she felt special.

Mandy stared fondly at Nathan's handsome face on her phone. She was longing to have him by her side. She regretted fighting with him this afternoon. Perhaps, she had been agitated and had overreacted when she could have handled things in a better way.

It had been a trivial matter that wasn't worthy enough for them to pick at each other's heads.

"Mand, I'm sorry about this afternoon. I couldn't stand the sight of you fainting on the road. It broke my heart. I'm sorry, I really am." Mandy could see the regret painted across Nathan's face.

"Nathan, I'm sorry, too. I have no feelings for Daniel. It's you that I love." Mandy averted her eyes. The moment the words escaped from her lips, she realized what she had done wrong.

"You don't have to talk about him anymore. It's my fault. My suspicion was the cause of all our troubles." Nathan's eyes twitched in anger. He promised himself to teach Bruce a lesson, as soon as he was back.

"Umm...Are you tired? Do you want to sleep?" Mandy asked, twirling a lock of her hair. Nathan's exhaustion was evident in his tired eyes. It had been a long day for him.

"I'm not tired. Let's talk for a while." Nathan smiled at Mandy lovingly.


"Sister, who are you making video calls to at this time?" Fiona walked in with two glasses of milk.

"Your brother-in-law." Mandy blushed.

Nathan was enjoying their conversation and the way she referred to him as Fiona's brother-in-law.

Fiona placed the milk

he U.S. I'm at my place now. How about I join you with Fiona?" Mandy didn't know that Bruce would also go. Otherwise, she might not have agreed so easily.

"Okay. Send me your address, and I'll pick you up," Nacy said.

"Okay, I'll send it via WeChat later." Mandy hung up the phone, yawned, and finally opened her eyes.

She checked her WeChat, and a message from Nathan blinked at her. He had texted her one hour ago. "I have arrived."

All traces of sleep vanished from Mandy's eyes, and she sat up on the bed in a swift motion. "Okay, get enough sleep. You must have jet lag."

It was only half-past six, and the weather wasn't hot. Mandy felt that she would be fine if she had her medicine for sunstroke. She decided not to tell Nathan about going to Mt. Cherry Blossom as he would lose his mind if he found out about it.

Mandy typed her address and sent it to Nacy. She gently tapped Fiona, who was sleeping next to her.

"Nana, get up. Let's go for a walk."

Being a high school student, Fiona hardly slept—she was used to sleeping late and waking up early. She hardly got the chance to wake up whenever she wanted to. She was on her summer vacation and wanted to make the most out of it by waking up late every day. However, Fiona was wide awake when Mandy called her name.

She opened her sleepy eyes and mumbled, "Yes? Where are you going?"

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