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   Chapter 223 Do You Suppose I Don't Know It

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"That's good. Nacy's a superstar, so she'd know a thing or two about the entertainment industry," Mandy commented as she gingerly placed the food on the table. Like hundreds of times before, it was faultless.

"I asked her to handle the company, but she refused," Nathan murmured. Last year on Nacy's birthday, Nathan had transferred all his shares from the entertainment company into her account. After finding out about it, she immediately returned them the day after. If there was something about Nacy that they both shared, it was her stubbornness.

"Nacy's lucky to have a cousin like you." Mandy patted her hand over Nathan's, sighing wistfully. It was great to see such a supportive bond between the cousins. If only she'd been able to have a cousin just like him.

"But, won't it make you luckier if you had me as your husband?" Nathan lowered his fork, smirking up at her.

Mandy snorted, shaking her head as she pretended to be serious. "I don't think you'd be good as a husband."

Nathan scowled at her words, picking over the food on his plate. Wasn't he good enough? His face darkened as he lowered his head to the plate, looking like a dog who'd just been scolded.

"You know why? Because you'd be a very good husband!" Mandy emphasized the word 'very, ' leaning over to Nathan just to show him how amazing he really was. It was a wonder how lucky she was to have landed him.

Nathan chuckled, leaning close to her. "You're a nice girl."

After lunch, they bid each other goodbye. Soon after, Bruce drove Nacy back home, while Simon went on his own way. Eve and Bonnie waved as they walked to their car together. Finally, the humiliating game came to an end.

In the car

"Is this the way home, Nathan?" Mandy peered outside the car window, taking in the different surroundings. She was sure that this wasn't the way back, but she trusted him. The car was void of any uncomfortable vibes as they leaned into each other like a pair of lovebirds.

"We're taking a little

r head, not even bothering to imagine the horrendous scenario.

"Let's go!" Regardless of her words, Nathan pulled Mandy towards the detention house.

Mandy felt as if she was walking on quicksand, feeling her limbs being pulled endlessly to the ground. As her eyelids fluttered shut, she knew that there was no choice but to say the truth.

"Daniel isn't here!" Mandy finally confessed. She swung her arms, loosening Nathan's hold on her.

At long last, Mandy finally told him, overcoming the feeling of choking to death. She hated not telling him the truth, but for him to know about it right away...It just wasn't right.

"If I didn't bring you here when were you going to tell me?" Nathan asked. He wore an unpredictable expression on his lonely and arrogant face, his forehead creasing in weariness.

Mandy's face turned from bright red to pale in an instant as she processed his words.

"You..." she choked out.

Of course, he knew. There was absolutely nothing in this world that he didn't know, especially if it was something that involved her. "You know everything!" Mandy poked him on the chest accusingly.

"Am I not supposed to know?" Nathan joked, his unreadable expression breaking completely. A playful smile slipped onto his lips.

"When did you find out?" Mandy asked, anxious to hear his answer.

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