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   Chapter 222 Mandy Would Be Jealous

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Nacy had a crush on Bruce, and her life seemed better with him. Although her feelings for him weren't as intense as her feelings for Simon, it would help her forget Simon.

The past should drift away with the wind and never come back to haunt you.

Simon was her past, and Bruce was her present. Nacy hoped for him to be her future too. Nacy pursed her lips, and tears welled in her eyes, forgetting Simon had always been hard for her.

Mandy soaked herself in a hot shower in the dressing room. When she walked out, she saw that Nathan was waiting for her in the lounge.

"Nathan." Mandy walked towards Nathan with steady strides, without any sign of exhaustion.

Both Nathan and Mandy were wearing paired tracksuits of the same color that made them look perfect for each other. Nathan's jaw dropped at the sight of Mandy walking towards him as the smell of her shower gel wafted in the air. He stretched his hands to hold her in his arms.

"Come on, let's get something to eat." He caressed Mandy's silky hair with his fingers. His lips curled into a contented smile as a tingling sensation spread through his body.

Nathan's insecurities, his anger, and the thoughts about Daniel seemed to fade away in an instant when Mandy was beside him.

Mandy instinctively dived into his arms. His closeness was therapeutic and made her forget all the worries in the world.

"Nathan, why don't we go home after dinner?" Mandy smiled.

"Okay." Nathan was beaming at her. Somehow holding her seemed to be the best thing in the world.

He was also dying to go back home and spend time with her alone, free from all the trouble and the people who were bothering them. He regretted having come here today.

"Yay! So what do we eat?" Mandy tilted her head to look at him. Living with Nathan had made her picky about fo

andy's heart melted at the thought of Nathan. She felt that Nathan was a calm man, the moment she laid eyes on him. She raked her eyes over Jeremy's solid pecs and standard six-pack abs. He was indeed the perfect supermodel, but he would fade in comparison with Nathan.

A smile tugged on the corner of Mandy's lips. It wasn't a surprise that women were crazy about Jeremy. The right amount of charisma, along with his incredible body and sweet smile made women weak in their knees.

"What are you looking at?" Nathan walked in, carrying three big plates loaded with food.

Mandy closed the magazine, lifted her head, and smiled at him. "Nothing, it is the male star of your company."

"Jeremy?" Nathan glanced at the magazine cover.

"Yeah." Mandy put the magazine back on the shelf.

"This month's magazines are already sold out." Nathan placed the plates gently and sat opposite to Mandy.

"Are you managing the entertainment company as well?" Mandy smiled.

"No. Not really. Fred takes care of it. Moreover, I'm planning to offer the company as a dowry to Nacy when she gets married." Nathan tilted his head and lit the grill. He drizzled some oil and placed the meat, one piece at a time on it.

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