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   Chapter 220 Learn To Be Patient

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Bonnie took deep breaths and finally calmed down. Once her anger slowly ebbed away, she patted her head, feeling stupid. "That's right. We have a plan!"

"God, I made a huge mistake. I shouldn't have told you about the plan when you're capable of ruining it with your impatience," Eve muttered.

"I'm sorry, Eve. I'll learn to control my temper, I swear," Bonnie said dejectedly.

"Bonnie, I didn't mean to blame you. Don't you know Nacy? I can assure you that she wouldn't come in your way and steal Simon away." Eve held Bonnie's hand and cast a tender smile.

"She's getting on my nerves all the damn time." Bonnie bit her lip as the anger that had settled began to slowly rise at the thought of Nacy. She didn't know whether to endure the torture or teach her a lesson.

"You can't accomplish anything if you don't know to deal with Nacy. Let's wait and see what happens to her." Eve narrowed her eyes.

Bonnie's fists were clenched in a ball as her nails dug deeper into her skin. Bonnie and Nacy had never gotten along with each other, right from the start. Her hatred for Nacy only grew bigger with every passing day.

Eve was right, she had to control her temper.

"You're right, Eve. We are in this together. You'll win Nathan's heart, and I will win Simon's. We will be patient until we succeed." Bonnie let out a loud breath, and her eyes were shining with confidence.

"That's right." Eve was happy that Bonnie was back to form.

Nathan and Bruce were standing near the merry-go-round on the east end of the water park

One of them was gentle and elegant, wearing a pair of black-framed glasses, giving off a clean and well-educated scholarly temperament.

Bruce was looking like a gentleman, and Nathan looked like a supermodel, who had just walked out of a photo-shoot.

"Haven't I warned yo

tay confident till the end."

"Bruce, I'm warning you for the final time. Stay away from my sister. If I see you near her, I swear, you'll not be able to live in this city anymore. And don't even think about Mandy. You can't come anywhere close to her." Nathan clenched his jaw.

"Do you think that you can marry Mandy? Do you think that you can make her happy? If you are as confident as you seem to be, you wouldn't have brought your lover here." The corner of Bruce's lips curled into an evil grin.

Nathan's heart was drumming loudly in his chest. He was shaking with rage. Nacy was perhaps the one who disclosed their personal affairs to Bruce. There was not a chance in the world for Bruce to find his secrets.

"Even if I don't have a chance to get married to Mandy, I will never let you marry her. You can never have her," Nathan said through gritted teeth, and his words hit Bruce like a dagger.

"Oh, really? You know what, Nathan, Mandy doesn't love you. She is in love with Daniel." Bruce was impervious to Nathan's threat.

Bruce had checked the surveillance camera when Mandy had fainted at No. 1 High School. To his utter surprise, he had found out that Mandy had come there to meet Daniel.

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