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   Chapter 219 I Too Had A Loving Man

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Bonnie and Eve were best friends, and Nacy was annoyed by the mere sight of them. She believed that they were here for a reason as they were always plotting to have things their way.

"Hold on. I don't think it's a good idea for you to look for Simon." Mandy looked worried. Nathan had told her that Bonnie and Simon were engaged. Mandy was aware of the complex relationship Simon and Nacy shared, and therefore, she was worried that Bonnie might wreak havoc if she saw Nacy and Simon together.

"Why not?" Nacy wasn't bothered about what Bonnie thought of them. Simon was her friend, and she had every right to talk with him.

"Nacy, Simon's fiancé is here. What if Bonnie creates a scene in front of everyone?"

Nacy laughed, but it didn't reach her eyes. "I don't care." Nacy gritted her teeth when she thought about Bonnie. She had always been a pain in the neck. Ever since high school, Bonnie had been trying to create a rift between Nacy and Simon so that she could get closer to him.

Nacy was not in the mood to fight with Bonnie. Things would become nasty if they stirred up the past.

"Nacy, tell me the truth. Are you in love with Simon?" Mandy had picked a quiet spot for them to have a heartfelt conversation. She was nervous and looked around to make sure no one could hear them.

Nacy fell silent and chewed her red lips, lost in thought.

She finally blew out a huge breath. "It's all in the past. There was a time when Simon was in love with me, and I liked him too, as he was interested in me. Now that he's engaged, I'm not interested in him anymore. Moreover, I have a guy who cares about me. Why would I mess with his life?" Nacy said haughtily, but her face was somber.

Mandy finally breathed a sigh of relief. She was sure that Nacy liked Simon, which was good because she secretly wished for Nacy to pick Simon over Br

arrassment. Eve shook her head helplessly and wrapped her arm around Bonnie's shoulders to calm her down.

"Simon, Nacy, you guys carry on. I suppose Bonnie is in a bad mood right now as she hasn't eaten anything since morning. I'll go with her and grab a quick lunch." Eve flashed an empathetic smile.

Eve had control over her emotions, unlike Bonnie, who blasted like an atom bomb. Nancy was surprised by the calmness in Eve's voice.

If Nacy hadn't known her, she would probably have fallen for her tricks. But she knew that Eve was a cunning woman, who would do nothing without a motive, and Nacy loathed her for that.

Anger had blinded Bonnie's vision, and she felt like her soul was leaving her body when Eve dragged her away.

Nacy mocked from behind. "Don't forget to take your medicine."

"You are the one that needs to take it, you fucking..." Bonnie's words were muffled as Eve covered her mouth with her hand.

Eve pulled Bonnie away and shook her as if trying to bring her back to her senses. "Bonnie, what the fuck is wrong with you? This is insane. Do you realize that you almost disclosed our plan? Imagine what would have happened if you blabbered something in anger. Everything would have gone to waste."

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