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   Chapter 214 No Privacy

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Mandy became uneasy when she saw that Bruce's eyes were burning at her. She swallowed loudly and nodded her head, trying to suppress her fear.

"Nacy, why have you brought an outsider here?" Nathan's magnetic voice reverberated from Mandy's side. His eyes were cold and expressionless, but Mandy could find the hint of displeasure that was buried deep inside his enigmatic face.

"It's time to introduce him to you. Cousin, sister in law, this is my friend, Bruce." Nacy was a happy-go-lucky girl who didn't notice the strangeness in the air and was grinning happily.

"Hello, Mr. Xu," Mandy greeted him politely with a grim face.

Bruce was equally awkward but flashed a polite smile. "Hello, Miss Zhou."

Nathan's despondent face was expressionless. Nacy pursed her lips in displeasure as she knew that Nathan would be upset with her choice of man as Bruce was from a poor family, but nothing mattered to her. As long as she liked Bruce, nobody could stop them from getting together.

Bruce and Mandy pretended to be strangers as they didn't want Nacy to know their history. Mandy was uncomfortable, and her cheeks flushed with shame and embarrassment. She knew that the truth would come to light one day.

"Sister-in-law, why are you blushing?" Nacy smiled innocently.

"Nothing, it's hot out here." Mandy fanned her cheeks with her hands. The weather was pleasant with clear clouds. The sun hadn't come out, and the breeze was fresh. Mandy's skin would remain unaffected even if she played in the water park. There wasn't even the slightest possibility of sunburn.

"Yes, it is quite sultry here. Cousin, sister-in-law, we'll leave now and change our clothes. See you later."

"Okay, see you." Mandy smiled.

Mandy stared at Nathan with trembling eyes. She was aware that Nathan knew Bruce, but she was oblivious to their bitter quarrel. Mandy was

n front of her. Nathan had fallen in love with Mandy only because he thought that she was the better woman. Mandy was the one standing intimately, holding Nathan's arm, not Eve!

Mandy was experiencing a whirlpool of emotions. She finally mustered the courage to face Eve with confidence. There was a hint of pride on her beautiful face, but a part of her was still worried that Nathan would push her away.

To her utter joy and surprise, Nathan wrapped his arms around Mandy's waist.

She lifted her head and looked at Nathan's face. She was touched by his sweet gesture. At that moment, she felt proud that Nathan was her man.

Holding Mandy in his arms meant that Nathan was telling them that she was his woman. Mandy had never been as happy as she was at that moment seeing Nathan claim her as his woman.

Mandy had always wanted to hide her relationship with Nathan as she felt that she wasn't good enough for him. She felt uncomfortable that Nathan didn't introduce her as his girlfriend to other people. Things were different. Nathan had admitted his love for her in front of the whole world. Mandy would never forget the memorable night when the five words appeared on the building of JS International. It was a beautiful sight.

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