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   Chapter 211 Kabedon

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She felt her heart sink deeper into her chest as she leaned back, feeling sicker by the second.

"Cas, don't be like this. Don't distance yourself." Eve sighed as she hauled over the large bags. She placed them down as she placed her hands on her hips, cocking her head to the side.

"I...I won't be able to repay you." At a loss of what to do, Cassie looked down, biting her lips. Although she did need this, it still felt embarrassing to ask this much from her.

Eve lifted her head with a small smile. "You can tell me where Nathan and Mandy will go tomorrow."

For a moment, Cassie furrowed her eyebrows, slowly unraveling Eve's plan.

'Of course, she'd bribe me for this information, ' she thought with hesitation, not really knowing what to say.

"How do you know they're going out?" Cassie deflected her question with another one. Her hand fidgeted.

"If I know Nathan, he wouldn't take a day off without having something else to do. He wouldn't stay at home," Eve said with certainty.

"They're heading to the waterpark." Cassie looked at her surroundings. Seeing as there was no other choice, she glanced up at the woman.

"Oh, let me drive you home," Eve murmured, her face suddenly passive.

Nathan had never been fond of amusement parks. When the new water-park in City A had opened, Eve was the first one who had invited him to go, but he had refused.

She remembered very well how he had scoffed at the idea of going to the water-park with her. And now, she found him taking another woman there. 'That bitch, ' she thought with her fists clenched. If there was something she wanted most of all, it was that woman gone.

After dinner, Nathan was dealing with his business in the study. He hadn't been able to finish scanning the important documents due to his 'negotiation' with Bruce that afternoon.

"Nathan, can I come in?" With a plate of delicate fruit salad in her hand,

ng heatedly at her.

Mandy choked on his words. "Just get back to your work, okay?" Her face was tomato red as she moved away from Nathan's embrace.

Lillian was right. It seemed as if the room was bringing out a different side of Nathan. If she had known, she wouldn't have brought this bowl of fruit to him.

"Mand, I want you," Nathan groaned, his smile getting wider and wider.

It seemed as if the study was getting increasingly warm.

Mandy pulled at the fabric of her pajamas, avoiding his gaze in embarrassment. If there was something she wanted to do, it was to go away and hide.

"I... I'll wait for you in bed," Mandy uttered the words quickly as she pecked him on the cheek.

"No, never mind." Nathan continued to smile as he waved her off.

However, there was just something in his gaze that made the entire situation seem sketchy. She glanced at the door.

It was about eight meters away from the table. Without another thought, she removed his grip in ran. With her luck, she'd be able to get there in three seconds. One. Two. Th–

Nathan responded very quickly. In an instant, he pulled her to the corner of the wall, putting both his hands beside her, blocking her from any escape. Nathan leaned in closer, a lustful smile on his face.

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