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   Chapter 207 You Had Just Passed Her By

Billionaire's Gift By Rabbit Characters: 6148

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Nathan was smart enough to understand that Bruce was trying to provoke him and decided not to give him the satisfaction.

Nathan's tensed jaw relaxed, and he finally said, "Do you know that there is a mole on Mandy's hip? Do you know that there is a tiny scar on her right breast? Or, do you have any idea how sexy she looks in her black, lace nightdress?" Nathan folded his arms, and his placid eyes stared into Bruce's angry face.

Hearing what Nathan said, Bruce was shaking with fury, and his face had gone pale at the thought of Nathan and Mandy getting intimate. He couldn't shake the image out of his head.

Nathan's serene face, and his silence were more intimidating than his hurtful words.

The atmosphere had turned intense. There was complete silence, except for the sound of Bruce's racing heartbeat.

"You are so proud of yourself, aren't you?" Bruce finally asked.

"No. It's a mere example to make you understand that it is unnecessary for people to always gloat about the past because what happened in the past, will remain in the past." Nathan smiled confidently.

Bruce looked defeated.

His only advantage, the long-standing friendship with Mandy, was as fragile as a water bubble that was easily shattered by Nathan's mere touch.

Bruce felt claustrophobic. He couldn't stand the sight of Nathan.

Bruce knew where he stood in Mandy's life. Nathan was her king, and he was nothing more than a faithful guard. But Bruce wasn't willing to give up.

The more he tried, the more defeated he felt. He had only ended up humiliating himself.

Nathan's words had trampled his confidence as Bruce clenched his teeth in annoyance.

"You'll be her past one day." Bruce was confident that Mandy and Nathan would break up one day and that he would have a shot with her.

"You're right. Today's Mandy will be

t period. She had no idea where Nathan had bought the medicine from. Mandy wasn't the kind of woman who was insecure about scars, but Nathan felt guilty about her wound and didn't want to leave a scar on her wrist.

"Wow!" Cassie squealed. She was surprised to see that the wound had disappeared without a trace of the scar. Cassie's face was beaming with admiration.

Mandy touched her wrist in disbelief. It looked smooth and delicate as if she had never been hurt. Her eyes were gleaming with joy.

"Whoa! An incredible potion such as this should be available all over the world!" Mandy mumbled as her big eyes raked over the bottle.

"Come on, Mand. A medicine with wonderful healing powers will be expensive. I'm sure that normal people will not be able to afford it." Cassie pouted. There was a hint of jealousy in her eyes when she saw Mandy spray the yellow medicine on her wound. Although it looked like a normal bottle of spray, its effects were magical.

Mandy smiled and grabbed the bottle from her bag, spraying it on her legs.

She caressed the wound on her thigh, which had formed when Narissa pounced on her. The wound had healed and the scar was visibly lighter after she sprayed the potion on it.

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