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   Chapter 205 It's Not Your Fault

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"I'm sorry, Bruce." Mandy lowered her head, seemingly in deep thought. She couldn't shake off the feeling that she was wrong. With the sun shining so brightly, she squinted, rubbing her eyes with her slender fingers so that they had slightly reddened.

Bruce couldn't bear it anymore. Mandy was being closed-minded by not giving him a chance. He suddenly reached out his hand, catching her off guard.

Bruce stopped Mandy immediately by grabbing her hand. His fingers were rough on the edges–probably from all the writing he'd been doing for most of his life. She could feel the heat from his fingers seeping into her body. He said plainly, "That's enough."

A hint of panic flashed through Mandy's bright eyes. She quickly pulled out her right hand and withdrew it as if she was escaping from something.

'Does she really hate me this much? She flinches at my touch, ' Bruce thought inwardly, his heart in turmoil.

In reality, it wasn't that Mandy didn't like Bruce. It was just that she wanted to avoid any unnecessary suspicion since the restaurant they were in was pretty crowded. She just didn't want to wake up the next morning and find photos of them posted all over the Internet.

As long as she could avoid it, she was going to do whatever she could.

"How's your hand?" Anyone could tell how upset Bruce was. But upon seeing the bandage on Mandy's wrist, he couldn't help but be concerned.

"I can take off the gauze today. The wound has healed," Mandy said, forcing a slight smile.

This scar was a simple reminder of Mandy and Nathan's fight.

"Mandy, I don't think I could handle it anymore if I saw you get another injury. How many times has he hurt you since you got together with him?" Bruce gazed back at her meaningfully, his eyes seeming to betray a cautious look.

"It's not a big deal. It's a small wound. Besides, it couldn't be avoided. It's not even his fault." Mandy was a little nervous. She was still racking he

n his eyes was hard to deny. Consequently, it tugged at Mandy's heart.

Mandy flashed him a grin upon hearing this.

At JS International

The office boasted a modern design that was luxurious by nature. Nathan was busy working at his desk. He seemed to read carefully through his files. In fact, he kept writing Mandy's name on his papers.

Nathan didn't know why, but he seemed not to be able to focus on his work that afternoon. His mind was being boggled by Mandy and Bruce's relationship, especially after what happened to Nacy.

Every once in a while, Nathan would completely stop working due to helplessness. He didn't know how to deal with Nacy, especially after finding out that she had feelings for Bruce. He didn't know what would happen to Nacy if she found out the truth.

While he could still do something about it, he was going to find a way to stop whatever feelings she was having for Bruce. He knew Nacy pretty well. She was really stubborn, so he had to talk to Bruce first.

Nathan had looked Bruce up. While Bruce didn't have as many accolades as he did, he was still fairly accomplished himself. He was handsome, and he seemed like a good man. The headmaster of No. 1 High School had also praised him.

However, Nathan couldn't forego the fact that Bruce loved Mandy.

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