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   Chapter 204 Dishonesty Hurts

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"Really? I don't know," Mandy said in surprise, raising her eyebrows. The food in the hospital was very good, so she seldom ate outside.

"Mandy, why don't you hang out here more often?" Bruce frowned upon noticing that Mandy wasn't in a good mood recently. His words seemed to imply something.

Mandy nodded and smiled. "Okay, I know."

As he gazed at her bright smile, he felt something flutter in his stomach. He thought inwardly, 'Why do I insist on doing this despite being so tired?'

Only love could do that to a person.

After lunch, Mandy looked at her watch and realized that it wasn't even one o'clock yet. She still had some time to talk to Bruce.

"Bruce, which university do you think Nana should enroll into next year?" Mandy asked in a lazy voice, squinting at Bruce.

"Nana excels in her academics. She will have no problem getting into University A."

"It seems that Nana doesn't want to study abroad. I wish she could, though," replied Mandy.

"Although University A isn't as famous as Harvard and Cambridge, it's still a good university. Nana seems to be interested in photography. I know she's participated in several exhibits, and she's pretty good at it too."

"Bruce… When you have the time, please talk to Nana and tell her to follow her heart. I asked her several times already, and she insists on taking up financial management when I know for a fact that she isn't interested in it." Mandy furrowed her eyebrows tightly.

"We still have a year left. I'll make sure to talk to her," Bruce promised. He cared a lot about Mandy, plus, Nana used to be his student,

hed. Her words had come out wrong, and Bruce had seemingly misunderstood her.

"I didn't mean it that way. I'm not telling you to lie to Nacy. I'm just saying, give her a chance," Mandy said calmly. Her eyes twinkled, and she stopped biting her lips.

"You don't want me to hurt her, but what you want me to do is going to hurt her. Lying to her is hurting her." When he spoke, his voice was cold. It seemed that Mandy had hurt him.

Mandy lowered her head in shame. She could see how upset Bruce was based on the reflection on the glass table. He was frowning and visibly hurt.

He had already said before that she was his happiness, but she couldn't make him happy in the way that he wanted. If Mandy had ever done anything wrong to Bruce, it was that she couldn't reciprocate his love for her.

Mandy just wanted Bruce to give Nacy a chance. Nathan loved his sister very much, and even if he would be against this, as long as Nacy was happy, he'd definitely loosen up a bit.

However, the main problem now was that Bruce didn't have any feelings for Nacy.

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