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   Chapter 202 The Woman From The Car Accident

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Mandy nodded her head quickly.

"It's a relief for Lillian. The doctor says that excessive depression has led to a memory disorder. I spoke to a medical expert in Switzerland. He says that she would be able to completely forget her past in three years," Nathan explained with a serious face. He would arrange for foreign experts to check on Lillian's health every year. Lillian's symptoms appeared only during autumn.

"Nathan, Why did you save her?"

"It was a tragic accident. She had lost her husband and son. Although her husband wasn't a good man, he was all she had." Nathan blew out a heavy breath as he ran his fingers through his hair. He looked stressed and was trying to conceal his emotions.

Mandy sat quietly as his copilot, lost in her train of thoughts. She lowered her eyelids, while her thick eyelashes fluttered at the thought of the car accident that happened to her many years ago. She was fortunate enough to have survived it.

Nathan had not only saved a woman from a car accident, but he had also been offering financial assistance to her for several years. Although he seemed arrogant, he was a generous man who would help anyone in need.

It had happened three years ago when Nathan was on his way for a meeting in City S. He was stopped in a traffic jam on the highway due to a car accident. Many had climbed out of their cars to see what was happening, and Nathan was one among them.

He saw Lillian sprawled over the car. She was unconscious, bleeding incessantly, and had only a faint pulse. Nathan and Fred rushed to take her to the hospital and save her.

Nathan didn't know why he was dying to save her. Perhaps he was reminded of his first love, who had also met with an accident.

After arriving at the hospital, Mandy jumped out of the car and was in a bad mood. Was it because she found out about Lillian or because of Bruce, she did not know. But Nathan's arrogance and the

l of thoughts, and she didn't know what to tell Mandy.

"Cas, don't be silly. You don't thank your friends." Mandy flicked Cassie's nose affectionately.

Cassie opened her mouth to say something, but a patient's relative then walked up to Mandy. "Director Zhou, good morning! I was looking for you!"

Mandy turned towards the person and instantly recognized her. "Good morning!"

"Director Zhou, is it a good time to talk with you?"

"I have to attend a meeting and check the wards first. I will meet you in the ward sometime later." Mandy checked her watch. It was already past eight.

"Okay, thank you, Director Zhou," the woman beamed at Mandy.

Mandy walked into her office and changed into a clean, white uniform. Mandy always had a busy schedule. She would inspect the ward, stay in the operating room after that, and had no time to rest. Mandy had never complained about her intensive schedule that drained her spirits. She never felt tired before, but she was perpetually exhausted these days.

Perhaps she was missing Nathan too much for her liking. She could see that her love for him was growing with every passing day.

She had never been jealous or possessive of anyone in the past, but things were different with Nathan. She was scared of losing him.

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