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   Chapter 198 You Can't Like Him

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However, Nathan's firm hold on Nacy was undeterred by her tears and snotty nose. He was gently caressing Nacy to console her.

He had made up his mind to throw it away when he had quarreled with Mandy.

"Nathan, I'm serious. You better get rid of this picture. Mandy will go crazy if she sees it." Nacy knew that Mandy would break up with Nathan if she found out that Nathan still had his ex-girlfriend's picture. She wouldn't give him any chances to explain himself.

Nathan knew that Nacy had always wanted the best for him. She was a kind and innocent woman, so Nathan took up the responsibility of protecting her.

"Okay." Nathan was reminded of Mandy's swollen, tear-stained face and decided to save the photo for the time being.

Nacy sat down again and took deep breaths to calm down. "Brother, err... can you help me find out the personal details of a person?"

"Who?" Nathan stared into Nacy's eyes in confusion. It was the first time Nacy had asked him to investigate someone.

Nathan felt that Nacy was perhaps fond of this guy. Otherwise, she wouldn't go to the extent of finding about him.

"His name is Bruce," Nacy said as her cheeks turned red, and her face was lit up with joy.

Nathan's face had lost its color the moment he heard the name. Nathan pursed his lips, lost in thought.

Nacy was shocked by Nathan's sudden change. She chewed her lip nervously. "What's wrong? Do you know this guy?"

"Yes, he's not a good guy. If you have started to develop feelings for him, I suggest for you to forget him." There was a hint of jealousy in Nathan's words. A frown had lined on his forehead when he remembered that Bruce and Mandy had known each other since they were kids. Nathan gritted his teeth when he remembered that Mandy had mumbled his name during her sleep.

"It's not... I think there's a misunderstanding. Are you sure that you are talking about the Bruce whom I had mentioned?" Nacy

e sister-in-law, but Nathan cast a disapproving look.

"Mandy, come here and give a pout." Nacy held her phone with one hand and hugged Mandy with the other. They were taking cute pictures of themselves.

Nathan was sitting on the sofa, staring at them silently. Although Nathan was annoyed, his heart melted at the sight of the two girls posing for the pictures.

His grumpy face was replaced with a happy smile.

Although he had been with Mandy for a long time, they didn't have a single picture together. Mandy hadn't asked him to take a picture with her, either. Nathan had thought that Mandy didn't like to take selfies just like him. But he was clearly wrong. She had been posing like a model, looking pleased with herself.

"Nathan, do you want to take pictures with us?" Nacy asked while rummaging through the phone album, and she started picking her favorite ones.

Mandy was a natural beauty and was looking charismatic in every single picture. Being a superstar, even Nacy faded in comparison next to Mandy.

"No, thank you," Nathan replied coldly.

"Okay," Nacy said politely. "If you don't want to take pictures with us, you can leave now."

Nathan knitted his brow in confusion. It didn't seem right, or did he hear it wrong? Did Nacy ask him to leave?

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