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   Chapter 197 You Really Are A Scumbag

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Nacy had always had a gut feeling that she'd go for Bruce. He was just such a bundle of enthusiasm and energy that he was just her type.

She had been in an intimate relationship with Simon for years, but the man was now engaged. It'd be wrong for them to keep being together, so for the last few days, Nacy decided that she'd gradually forget him. He didn't deserve her. If he did, then he'd pluck up the courage to reject the engagement.

There was no need for two people to fall in love with each other, especially when they had their own attachments.

Some couples wouldn't end up in a happy ending, even if with a significant other. Even if Simon didn't love Bonnie, it didn't warrant for Nacy to enter into a scandalous one with him.

After dinner, Nathan and Nacy went to the study. Just when Mandy was about to go with them, her phone started to ring. When she glanced down, she saw that it was Fiona.

"What are you doing, Mand?" Fiona greeted over the phone.

"I'm watching TV," Mandy answered with a smile. She was lying on the sofa and holding a bitten apple right to her lips. She swung her legs with ease.

"How's your wound? Is it better?" Fiona pursed her lips.

"It's only a flesh wound. I'll be fine in a few days."

Mandy's fingertips traced lightly over the wound. Though it didn't hurt anymore, the wound was still blemishing her smooth skin, which made her leg an eyesore.

"Great!" Fiona stopped, lowering her voice to a whisper. "I've heard that Narissa is missing. Do you know about it?"

"What? Are you serious?" Mandy asked as she leaned back in disbelief.

"Just now, all of her posts were deleted. Her account is now gone. Hell, even her agent's account is gone. I don't know what happened," Fiona whispered quickly.

Mandy frowned, playing with a strand of her hair. 'Was Nathan behind this whole thing?'

When the three men kidnapped Nana, Nathan had hired a hit-m

fell down her cheeks as she furrowed her eyebrows. What had she said that made him so angry at her?

The atmosphere saddened almost immediately. A minute had passed, and Nacy couldn't help but stand up, refusing to look her cousin right in the eye.

Almost immediately, Nathan strode towards her and pulled her into his arms, guilt shining on his face.

All Nacy wanted was the best for him, but he just couldn't help falling apart every time that mention of that person escaped from their lips. The more he'd think about her, the more his heart would ache at all the lost time and love.

Perhaps, in time, the love he'd feel would be forgotten, but there was no erasing the impact she had in his life.

"Nacy, I'm sorry. I–I wasn't thinking straight." As he saw Nacy's red-rimmed eyes, his heart twitched.

They had always gotten along ever since they were kids. They were like siblings. Nathan wouldn't allow anyone to bully her. Hell, he'd never even raised his voice at her. What happened tonight was out of hand, and it must've scared her.

She sniffled, wiping her snot on Nathan's expensive shirt. It must've cost tens of thousands to buy the fabric. What's more, was that Nathan was a neat freak at heart. At the look of it, he wouldn't be able to stand it.

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