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   Chapter 196 Deciding To Believe Him

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"Mand, don't cry. Okay?" All of a sudden, Nathan's eyes grew softer, a hint of pain flashing across his face. It was hard to tell what was going on in his mind.

As soon as she heard his calm voice, Mandy felt a spasm of pain in her heart as well. She opened her eyes, tears still hovering behind them and blurring her vision.

'Is he starting to feel sorry?' Mandy asked herself.

When her eyes turned upon his face, Nathan couldn't help but wrap his arms around her anxiously. They both worked hard to get their relationship to where it was right now. Of course, Nathan would get unhappy for knowing that Mandy wanted to break up with him.

"You have to believe me, Mand. Nothing happened between me and Eve." The look in Nathan's eyes was firm. Looking intently at Mandy, he clearly saw that there was still a flicker of suspicion in Mandy's eyes.

Mandy said nothing and only mustered a strained smile.

'Should I believe him? The only thing I'm sure of is that lip print on his shirt...' Mandy hesitated for a while as she thought in her heart.

"Okay, I forgive you. But you have to promise me this won't happen again," Mandy said flatly as her mouth turned down to a slight frown.

"I promise." Nathan drew a cross across his chest and did everything he could to look and sound as earnest as possible.

With her nose running and her face tearful, Mandy sniffed as she looked at Nathan, and saw the sincerity in his eyes. At that moment, she felt that her heart was swayed yet again.

Nathan was probably the most eligible bachelor in City A. When Mandy started dating him, the whole world scrutinized her and thought that she was only taking advantage of him. But it wasn't like that, and she had never taken a single penny from Nathan.

In their relationship, Mandy felt that she was inferior.

If she impulsively decided to break up and Nathan agreed, what would she do? Mandy couldn't imagine what would happen if Nathan agreed easily.

Thinking of this, Mandy sniffed. "Nathan..." she whispered with her voice like a child's, calling for his favorite toy.

The way Mandy called his name made his heart skip a beat. I

e, she only ate a little to maintain her ladylike image in front of him. What's more, the meal she had was too early to be considered dinner. 'It was good timing that Nathan and Mandy were just about to have dinner, ' Nacy thought.

"Nathan, I need your help with something," Nacy said with a smile as she stirred the crab stew with her chopsticks.

"What is it?" Nathan asked in a calm tone.

"I need you to find out more about a certain person." There was a smile on Nacy's face as she dreamily thought about Bruce.

The way she smiled and sighed made it quite obvious to Nathan and Mandy that she had special feelings for someone.

"Oooh. Are you in love?" Mandy teased with a smile as she put a slice of spareribs in Nacy's bowl.

"No. Not yet." Nacy's smile was faint and sweet, and it seemed as if her whole face was glowing.

It was easy to see from the way Nacy blushed and sighed that there was someone in her life that she really liked. There could be no other reason for a smile as lovely as that!

"Okay, let's eat dinner first. We can talk about it later," Nathan suggested. He looked approvingly at Nacy. 'Well, it looks like she finally found someone she really likes!' he thought to himself.

Just then, he remembered how his friend Simon liked Nacy and felt a bit bad. It couldn't be helped anymore if Nacy fell in love with another man. Maybe she and Simon were just not destined to be together.

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