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   Chapter 193 I Won't Go

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"I'm starving! I feel like I want to order everything here!" As Nacy went through the menu, she felt like she would like everything she saw. In truth, she was very indecisive and always had a difficult time making choices.

"You are a superstar. If you ate that much, you might have to postpone that movie you're shooting," Bruce teased with a playful smile.

"Who said that? I'll eat a little bit of each dish, okay?" Nacy pursed her lips, looking very childish and innocent.

"That's very wasteful, though." Bruce shook his head helplessly.

"Anyway, it's up to you. I will eat whatever you order," Nacy said as she handed the menu back to Bruce.

Quickly browsing through the menu, he ordered a couple of desserts he knew Nacy liked. After telling the waitress their order, he turned to look at Nacy.

"Don't you have any filming to do, superstar?" Bruce asked with a smile.

"I finished my work a few days ago. To be honest, I'd like to take a break," Nacy said. Just then, the waitress came back with their food. Nacy picked up her spoon and took a bite, closing her eyes as she savored the sweet taste.

"I can imagine how tiring it is to be a star. Don't forget not to overwork yourself," Bruce reminded her in a gentle voice.

Nacy felt moved by his words. "I didn't know you cared that much about me," she said in a placid tone.

"We're friends. It's normal for friends to care about each other," Bruce replied matter-of-factly.

"Okay..." Nacy mumbled, pouting her lips in disappointment. 'Bruce only sees me as his friend! Humph!'

After that, the mood seemed to change, and the air between them was no longer as light as earlier. Bruce didn't bring it up and concentrated on eating the food in front of him. Meanwhile, Nacy was waiting for Bruce to speak first, but it looked like there wasn't a chance of that happening. 'He's so much like Nathan, ' Nacy complained to herself, feeling a little helpless.

"Are you free this Saturday?" Nacy asked after a while.

"Uhh.. yes. I think so," Bruce replied, caught off guard.

"How about going to the water amusement park together," Nacy asked with a smile as

park as an apology," Bruce offered, smiling warmly at Nacy.

"Ah, of course! Your hand..." Nacy said, looking at the fresh bandage. "I'm sorry. I forgot about that," Nacy added softly as she lowered her head in shame. After thinking about it, she thought that it is was reasonable for Bruce to turn her down. Even if he was her boyfriend, it was understandable for him not to go to the water park with her.

In the underground parking lot of JR Hospital

Once Nathan got off work, he went to the hospital where Mandy worked and waited for her.

Today, Eve had stayed in his office for the whole afternoon. Since there were so many people in the company recently, Nathan had asked her not to come by the company tomorrow. It was way too risky.

Nathan couldn't help but think that Eve's massages were getting better and better.

As Nathan thought about this, Mandy was walking towards him.

Looking up, Nathan saw Mandy approach, and he opened the car door for her.

"Mand..." His magnetic voice echoed in the empty underground garage.

"Nathan, I've miss you so much." Mandy put her arms around his shoulders, sighing lovingly with her eyes closed.

Nathan hugged her back as he stroked Mandy's head gently. The happiness in his heart was overwhelming.

He held her closer to his body, and, without warning, bowed his head down to kiss her soft lips passionately as if there was not another soul in the world.

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