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   Chapter 181 Don't Hide From Me

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"Not really," Mandy murmured, burying her face deeper into her palms.

She couldn't believe or even understand what Nathan had gone through in the past. Perhaps, that was her fault for never even bothering to prod deeper into his life.

He never really talked about who he was before they met, so Mandy never really found an occasion to ask. Besides, she could tell he was avoiding those types of questions, so it wouldn't really benefit anyone to talk about it.

"So you fell in love with him without knowing what he's capable of? Do you even have an idea of at least half of what he had done? The only reason why he's at the top of the corporate ladder is that he had connections in shady businesses. Do you think you'll be able to live with that kind of person under your roof?" Bruce demanded. It was as if he was back in the classroom, lecturing his students on something that he thought was wrong.

"He isn't that kind of person," Mandy insisted, trying her best to cut the awkward tension in the air. Nathan might be a lot of things, but he wasn't like that. She didn't want for Bruce to think of him in that way.

"Then what kind of person is he? Mand, believe me. You won't be happy with him." Bruce was already raising his voice, reaching out to grab Mandy's left arm. His cheeks were dark red as he tried to muster up words to get her to understand what she was getting herself into.

"That's enough, Bruce. I'll judge him myself." Mandy withdrew her hand from his warm grasp, with a firm expression painted across her face. "Even if we break up, then fine. I won't regret any of it."

"It may not matter to you now, but have you ever thought of what would happen to you once he leaves? Do you think you'll still be able to find another man to love you?" His gaze landed on Mandy's injured hand.

Bruce was two years older than Nathan, but even he had heard of all the gossip that went on when Nathan first came to No. 1 High School. He drew a

t they weren't Mandy. He fell in love with her almost immediately in the moment their gazes connected, and he wouldn't give that up easily.

"Mand, don't forget what I said to you today. I've told you everything I wanted make up for what had happened. I just hope... I hope you won't avoid me forever." Lately, Mandy hadn't been replying to his messages as quickly as she used to. Sometimes, she'd even delay it for half a day. It made him feel restless as he spent the entire night just thinking of what he had done. Maybe it was the confession that had led them to be an awkward pair.

"I… I wasn't avoiding you." Mandy avoided his burning gaze.

Bruce wanted to scoff. 'She can't even look at me now. Doesn't that count as avoiding me already?'

"That's enough for today. I won't keep you here further. Hopefully, we could go climbing together when it gets cold," Bruce said, switching the topic knowing that he wouldn't get anywhere with just bashing Nathan. He smiled like the real gentleman he was.

A trace of gratitude flashed in Mandy's clear eyes. She smiled happily. "I'd like that."

Her bright smile made him understand why he had fallen in love with her in the first place. It was so pure and innocent, almost child-like. It was rare to find such a trait among adults his age.

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