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   Chapter 179 Strangers Met

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The sun gently peeked out of the sky and began to shine brightly.

The entire square was basking in the sunlight that made the entire place glitter. The golden light hit Nacy when she was walking around Eaton Square, which made her delicate features look prettier.

It was early in the morning, and only a few people were strolling in the square. Nacy was walking in a hurry, carrying her Chanel bag in one hand and coffee in another.

It had been Bonnie's birthday yesterday, and last night, she posted a picture of her and Simon on Weibo. Nacy and Bonnie were classmates in high school, but they hadn't interacted much with each other.

Nacy and Simon had shared a strange relationship in high school. At that time, Bonnie sat right in front of Simon and always brought him delicious biscuits that were made by her.

Nacy wasn't a good cook and would get annoyed every time Simon would praise Bonnie's delicious biscuits and pastries. She would always argue that women had to aim for something bigger than being a master in the kitchen.

Poor Nacy didn't know what love was at that time. She didn't know that jealousy was a sign of love. She had always felt that she had never cared about Simon. It was too late when she realized that she had fallen in love with him the moment she saw him, which was ten years ago.

Simon had also been in love with Nacy, but he was an adamant guy who was good at concealing his emotions. There were several times he had almost been on the verge of confessing his love for her, but his efforts were always in vain as Nacy would come up with stupid excuses.

Although her company hadn't imposed any restrictions on her dating other men, Nacy enjoyed being single and didn't want to end her single life so early.

But Nacy regretted her decision when she was reminded of her good old times with Simon.

Nacy couldn't sleep after she saw the picture of Simon and Bonnie the previous night. She woke up early this morning, feeling empty and depress

he withdrew his hand. The wound didn't matter to him.

Last night, Bruce had found out that Mandy had been with Nathan, and that was why she had rejected him without a moment of hesitation. Nathan was a legend in No. 1 High School in City A, and almost every girl had chased after him. Bruce felt ashamed when he realized that he was competing with a man like Nathan.

Bruce wanted to text Mandy to ask about the wound in her leg but decided not to as he felt that it would be inappropriate to text her when she was with someone else.

"No, you have to go to the hospital. You cannot allow the wound to fester. It's summer, and an injury such as this is bound to get inflamed. It will take at least two weeks for it to heal," Nacy said sternly. Bruce had helped her even though she was a stranger. Nacy felt that she was indebted to return his favor.

"I can handle it. It's not a big deal. Thank you," Bruce said nonchalantly. He had helped Nacy because he was touched by her generosity when he saw her offer money to the beggar.

He thought that it was his duty to help a woman with a kind heart.

"Stop being adamant. If you don't come to the hospital with me, then I swear, I'll follow you wherever you go." Nacy placed her arms on her hips and arched an eyebrow in determination, looking like a feisty goddess.

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