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   Chapter 178 Five Hundred Thousand Dollars

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A frown lined on Cassie's forehead as she began to worry about Mandy's relationship with Nathan. She was convinced by Eve's words. Family background played an important role in marriage. Even if Mandy and Nathan were head over heels in love with each other now, the passion and love for each other would eventually fade away after marriage and would be replaced by their passion for money and wealth. Once love was gone, their marriage would turn into an empty relationship bound by the ties of law.

Only a couple who belonged to the same background would be able to lead a happy life.

Love was blind and wouldn't bother about differences in social status. Everything would seem happy in the beginning, but marriage relied on a solid foundation where money played an important role.

"What if true love existed and nothing else mattered?" asked Cassie.

"Well, even if they really love each other, the Jin Family will have the final say about Nathan's marriage. They'll want him to get married to me, and he wouldn't have a choice but agree to their decision. Do you think Mandy will be happy if this happened? Do you want your best friend to be his secret lover forever?" asked Eve, staring into Cassie's eyes. "If tragedy was the only possible ending to her love story, then it's better for her to let go of Nathan and find her own happiness," Eve continued to persuade Cassie.

Eve had a point. Nathan and Mandy weren't meant to be together.

"People always say that it's OK to break ten temples, but breaking a marriage is a sin. Miss Su, I'm sorry, I can't promise you anything," Cassie said.

Eve gave a meaningful smile at Cassie's firm decision.

Her manicured fingers, painted with red nail polish, plucked a card from her handbag and placed it gently on the wooden table.

Cassie wasn't surprised to see the flashy card. She had already known that Eve was planning to bargain with money.

"There are five hundred thousand dollars on this card, which is just a month's salary. If you help me out, I will transfer five hundred thousand dollars to this card every month. Once Mandy breaks up with Nathan, I will transfer ten million dollars to this card." Eve smiled generously as she slid the bank card to the other end of the table.

Five hundred thousand dollars! It was a huge amount of money, more than Cassie had ever se

ie was sure about one thing; she had fallen into Eve's trap. Cassie promised herself not to spend the money unless there was an emergency. She felt that there would still be a way out if she didn't spend the money. If Eve wanted to hurt Mandy, she could bail out by returning the money to her.

She walked out of the coffee shop and was all alone on the street. Her heart was heavy. The dark sky resonated with her gloomy mood. Why did she feel guilty about accepting the money?

When she looked up at the dark sky, fear had settled in the pit of her stomach. She clenched her fists and let out a huge sigh, wishing that all her problems would vanish into the darkness.

Money was important to her now, only then would her parents get better. If it weren't for the money, Cassie would have immediately declined Eve's request.

Eve was born into a wealthy family and believed that money was a strong tool that was capable of changing a person in an instant. Money was the only thing that mattered to people. Her stepmother entered into her life because her father was a wealthy man. Her mother wouldn't have died if they hadn't owned the Su's Bank.

Money was the root cause of all tragedies, and it led people astray. Eve had mastered the way to use the money to work to her benefit. Five hundred thousand dollars was not a big deal for Eve. It was a small portion of her pocket money that Shaun would give her every month. Eve had always got more than what she wanted. Shaun would get her everything in the world, and buying Cassie wasn't a big deal for her.

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