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   Chapter 177 Commercial Wedding

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Cassie lifted her head and looked deadly serious. "Okay."

Cassie and Eve went to a coffee shop. Cassie was starved and decided to order some snacks.

Eve narrowed her eyes and examined Cassie as a friendly smile settled on her face. Eve's cordial demeanor made Cassie believe that she was a good person.

"Didn't you have dinner?" Eve asked as her face broke into a lopsided grin.

"Well, I didn't eat much at dinner. I'm a little hungry now." Cassie's cheeks had turned red with embarrassment. Although she had a good impression of the woman sitting in front of her, deep in her heart, she believed that it was a facade and that Eve had approached her with a hidden agenda.

Cassie was right. Eve wouldn't have come to such a slum if she didn't have a purpose. She had found out that Cassie was the closest friend Mandy had at JR Hospital. Cassie was as old as Eve was, but she belonged to the lower strata of society. So the burden of taking care of her family had fallen on her shoulders. Therefore, Eve had decided to bribe Cassie with money. Cassie was no saint. How could she say no to money?

"I don't think you know who I am. Let me introduce myself." Eve took a pause, picked up her coffee gracefully, and took a sip.

"My name is Eve Su. I am Nathan's girlfriend. We grew up together. I have come to see you, hoping that you can help me," Eve said looking straight into Cassie's eyes.

Cassie dropped the chicken wings and wiped her greasy fingers. Her heart was thrumming in her chest. 'If Eve was Nathan's girlfriend, what about Mandy?

Has Eve come all the way here to separate Nathan and Mandy?' A thousand thoughts were running inside Cassie's mind.

"I don't understand what you want me to do." Cassie got a load of Eve to understand who she was. Her clothes and accessories were screaming that she was rich. "But let me tell you this. I will never betray my friend," Cassie said in a serious tone

Cassie would never let go of her principles for anything in the world. Friendships and relationships were her utmost priority. She would never betray Mandy. Mandy had remembered that today

ou so sure?" Cassie finally asked.

"Even if Nathan has never loved me and will never love me, he has no other choice but to marry me in the end. Let me get this straight–our marriage will just be commercial." Eve had a humorless smile that made Cassie feel sorry for her.

It was a commercial wedding.

The words were engraved in Cassie's mind. Could Mandy escape from this tragic fate?

The relationship between Mandy and Nathan had come to light when Angelina and Mandy had fought in the office. Their relationship wasn't a secret anymore. It had been the talk of the office for a very long time. A lot of people felt that Mandy did not deserve Nathan and that they were like the dolphin and the angel. A dolphin could merely jump out of the water and would never be able to fly to the sky, and an angel would never be able to come down to earth.

Cassie was worried about Mandy's future and wished that Mandy thought about it as well. Cassie would be the happiest person in the world if she saw Nathan and Mandy grow older together.

"Don't think that I am being cocky. I just feel sorry for Mandy, and that's why I have come to you. Even if Nathan doesn't marry me in the future, he is bound to marry a woman who belongs to a family that is equal to his status and helps him develop his business. Do you think Mandy can help him out with her meager income?" Eve's eyes were cold and expressionless.

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