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   Chapter 176 A Stranger In The Night

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Cassie touched the necklace around her neck, her heart glowing with warmth. Earlier, she didn't have much of an appetite, which was why she barely ate dinner. Because of this, she was feeling a bit hungry now and was planning to go out for a midnight snack.

Born and raised in City A, Cassie's parents had lived there since she was born. However, her father was in poor health and had been laid off from work several years ago. Now he was making a rather low salary of three thousand dollars a month. Cassie had not visited her parents since she landed her job at JR Hospital.

It was because Cassie was busy with her work. The travel time for her to go back home took up almost two hours. Cassie didn't have a car, and so she had to rent an apartment in the downtown area with several other girls, paying 1200 monthly in rent. Even though it was a bit cramped, it allowed her to live closer to where she worked.

Unfortunately, since Cassie was fairly new at the hospital, her salary was just over 4000. Everything was so difficult for her at this point in her life!

As she was about to go out, her phone rang. It was from her mother.

"Happy birthday, Cas," Cassie's mother said over the phone. Her kindly voice sounded quite warm.

"Thank you, Mom!" Cassie said. With a slight smile on her lips, she slowly walked down the stairs.

"Cas, are you walking the stairs now?" Cassie's mother asked after she heard the footsteps on the staircase over the phone.

"Yes, I am." Cassie nodded with a smile.

Cassie lived in a shabby neighborhood. There weren't even any lamps to light the stairs, making her extra wary with each step she took. In fact, the whole neighborhood seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

"It's so late. Why are you still going out?" Cassie's mother asked anxiously. After all, Cassie was a woman, and it was not good for someone like her to go out alone at night.

"Mom, it's only eight o'clock now. Today is my birthday. My friend is coming to celebrate my birthday with me. I was just going to pick her up," Cassie lied smoothly. The sound of her footsteps echoed crisply along the empty corridor.

Although it was her birthday today, she fel

frozen stiff. 'What is this woman's business here? And why does she know my name! Plus, she's driving such an expensive car in a place like this. She must be up to no good!' Cassie speculated.

"Yes?" Cassie turned around and asked in a trembling voice.

The street was very quiet. It was about a 300 meter walk to get to the snack stall. Cassie was getting more on edge and vigilant. Aside from Mandy, she didn't know any friends in the upper class.

"Miss Jiang, are you free now? May I talk to you for a while?" Eve said as she strode forward elegantly, which gave full play to her noble temperament.

"I'm sorry… I don't know you," Cassie said, pursing her lips.

Eve felt a sense of defensiveness from Cassie's words. It was obvious that Cassie didn't want to talk to her. But Eve wasn't about to give up.

"Don't worry. I am not a bad woman!" Eve said as she raised her pink lips slightly, and her voice was very gentle and beautiful. There was an innocent expression on her face.

"What do you want from me?" Cassie asked as she pressed her lips, feeling very confused. What did this unknown woman want to talk about?

"Miss Jiang, I hope you can take some time to talk for a while. Perhaps we can find a place to sit down and have a talk. What do you think?" Eve said politely. Her long wavy hair was blowing in the night wind, floating in the air gracefully. Her fresh and pleasant scent wafted, making her appear even more innocent.

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