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   Chapter 175 The Change Of Public Opinion

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Mandy propped her chin up with one hand and covered her body with a silk quilt. She laid on the sofa like a beautiful mermaid and said, "Don't worry. I'm fine."

"How arrogant that Narissa is! I cannot believe that she even slapped you!" Nacy burst in rage as she pictured the harsh treatment Mandy had received. She was wearing a gorgeous ancient Chinese-style dress. Upon hearing about the incident, she had immediately called Mandy without changing her costume.

The entertainment industry had many issues, and the competition among actors was great, but Nacy was more respected than Narissa. As a child star, Nacy made her debut at a young age. She didn't sign any contract with entertainment companies because she founded her own. Besides, the actors who worked with her liked her very much since she was down to earth and easy to work with.

"Nacy, thank you for your concern. I'm fine," Mandy said in a low voice, flashing an exhausted smile. She said the same thing to everyone who was concerned about what happened to her.

Nacy released an angry sigh. "Don't worry, Mand. I'll tweet later. I'm going to expose the true color of this woman. I've disliked her for a long time," Nacy said as her hand rested on her waist. Her connection and influence were strong since she was surrounded by her fellow stars, and her words usually had a great impact.

"It's not that grave and serious..." Mandy insisted with a sigh. She wondered why Nacy was so affected. "Nacy, may I ask what happened between you and Narissa? Do you hold a grudge against her?" Mandy didn't understand why Nacy hated her so much. Considering that Narissa was from Nathan's company, the two should have a good relationship. Although they were not a family, they surely would not become enemies.

The way Nacy talked about Narissa, Mandy noticed there was bad friction between the two, and Nacy apparently hated Narissa very much.

Last year, Nacy had starred in a big play. She had acted as the heroine and Narissa as the second protagonist. But the two of them had a clash during their collaboration. Narissa fawned on the director whenever she had the time and flattered him a lot.

On one occasion, the two played opposite each other in the play. The plot was that Nacy wanted to slap Narissa. Knowing that Nacy hated her, Narissa asked the director on the spot to let Nacy give her a fake hit.

the scene. However, no one had thought that it would change so fast. Mandy was ridiculed before dinner, and now it was Narissa's turn to be bashed.

"Nathan, I do think that after Nacy sent that tweet, there would be earth-shaking changes in twitter." Mandy frowned. She felt much better when she saw the hot comments on Nacy's tweet.

"I just hired some online gossipmongers. Don't worry. No one will say anything bad about you." Nathan looked up in a graceful way with doting eyes.

Mandy was shocked and frightened by his sudden remarks as she stared at him intently. She swallowed nervously and asked, "When did you hire the rumormongers?"

"Before dinner," Nathan answered casually.

"It must be expensive to hire the rumormongers. Why did you waste money on such a small issue?" She pursed her lips and thought to herself, 'No wonder there are so many people protecting me from other people's malicious comments. So, they were all hired by Nathan!'

"But... It seems that Nacy's tweet is more useful than online gossipmongers." Nathan gave a faint smile without any expression on his handsome face. He thought that his dear sister finally had done a good thing for his wife.

Mandy nestled in Nathan's arms with a happy smile, and the two of them read tweets together.

Meanwhile, at Willow Street

Cassie also kept reading tweets on her cell phone after dinner. She had been a solid supporter of Mandy all the time and had posted many comments to back her up. When she saw the tweet sent by Nacy and the public opinion was turned around, she was finally relieved.

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