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   Chapter 174 Protect Yourself

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Mandy didn't say anything, but there was an uneasy feeling growing inside her. The netizens on Weibo seemed to have been brainwashed. They criticized her for no reason and didn't even know the whole story behind the incident. Despite that, she didn't want to explain herself as she hated quarreling with others.

At that moment, Nathan burst through the hospital door, a cold look on his handsome face. His eyes were intense and had a hint of anger. He took long, brisk strides as he walked over to Mandy.

"Mand!" Nathan's loud voice echoed in the office.

Mandy raised her head, surprised that Nathan was able to get there in such a short amount of time.

"Nathan." As she spoke, Mandy stood up and walked towards him. Although there were only a few of her colleagues around, Angelina was there. Mandy couldn't speak so freely with the person she hated the most there within earshot.

Like what Cassie did, Nathan also squatted down to check the wound on Mandy's leg.

There was an icy look on his face, and his eyes looked so deep that it felt like you would fall into a bottomless abyss if you stared into them. His handsome face looked cold and frightening.

It was the first time in a long time that Mandy saw this side of Nathan. She bent down and gently touched her injured leg. "Nathan...I'm fine," she reassured him in a quiet voice.

Nathan raised his eyes and looked at her with a hint of disappointment in his deep eyes. "Why didn't you call me?" he asked, the expression on his face looked like he was about to kill someone any second now.

This was the first time he felt this angry.

Mandy was confused by his question and thought that he was blaming her for what happened. "I... I didn't think this would happen," she murmured nervously.

Seeing her self-reproach, Nathan's eyes softened, and he felt a mix of different emotions in his heart. He didn't mean to give off that impression to Mandy. He was just worried about her.

"Does it hurt?" Nathan gently pulled Mandy up and held her hand in

ncident from Weibo, and all the videos and negative comments on Mandy as well," Nathan ordered coldly.

"Nathan, I'm fine. I'm sure all the heat will have finished boiling over sooner or later," Mandy called out, hearing Nathan talking on the phone. She was very calm about that whole thing. Over the past few hours, her phone kept buzzing nonstop. All her family, friends, and classmates called to support her and console her, including those who didn't contact her very often in the past.

"And tell me when exactly will all of this end? You are my woman, and so your reputation is more important than you give it credit for." After taking a deep look at Mandy, Nathan quickly typed something on the keyboard.

She didn't know what he was doing and didn't bother to ask him either. Now, she was starting to regret fighting with Narissa in the first place. She didn't know why she insisted on competing with that woman. Perhaps it was because of the relationship between her and Nathan. She just felt jealous.

Just at this moment, Nacy called. Mandy answered the phone call.

"Hello, Mand, are you okay?" Nacy just finished her work, so she heard the news a little late. When she heard what happened, almost all the news outlets and tabloid blogs that posted about it had been deleted. It was her assistant who informed her about this issue.

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