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   Chapter 173 Wait For Me

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Narissa had called Nathan and told him about some bad woman who attacked her. Apparently, that woman was Mandy! Nathan knew Mandy well enough to be sure that she wasn't the one who started the fight. Mandy was not the kind of woman who would take the initiative to provoke others. It looked like she must have been wronged. If Nathan had known earlier, he would have gone over there in a heartbeat. Now he was anxious to teach Narissa a lesson!

After getting in the car, Nathan called Mandy.

"Where are you now, Mand?" Nathan asked over the phone. His hard face looked as cold as ice, but his voice was warm and full of concern for Mandy.

"I am at the hospital," Mandy answered. Hearing Nathan's words, Mandy's body froze. 'Does he already know about what happened?' she thought to herself.

"Wait for me. I'll be right there." After he finished speaking, Nathan took off his Bluetooth in-ear earphones and stepped on the gas. The Maserati zoomed quickly on the street.

Before Mandy could say anything else, Nathan had hung up the phone. At the moment, there was a worried expression on her face.

Judging from Mandy's words, and the look on her face, Jamie had guessed who was talking to her on the phone. After tidying up the medical equipment, he stood up and intended to be on his way.

'I should go. I'm not her boyfriend. I shouldn't meddle too much and care about her!' he thought. A hint of sadness flashed through Jamie's mind. He felt like he was going to suffocate.

"Dr. Yang, thank you!" Mandy said in a grateful tone, looking at his back.

When Jamie turned around, he saw the smiling face of Mandy. His heart beat quickly in his chest.

Just after Jamie left, Cassie rushed into the room. She looked at Mandy anxiously. Just now, during her lunch break, she was taking a rest in the nurse station when her phone kept ringing. She glanced at her phone and quickly rushed into the doctor's office. At the moment, she didn't bother to watch the entire video carefully.

Things were getting out of control. A lot of netizens were cursing Mandy. Someone had revealed her information.

"Mand… You… What happened?" with a frown, she asked in confusion.

"Happy birthday, Cas!" Mandy sa

and just cursed in her mind that Angelina finally had made a fool of her.

Taking out her cell phone, Mandy wanted to check the news on Weibo. The moment she did, Cassie quickly stretched out her hand to grab Mandy's cell phone, a touch of panic appearing in her eyes.

Mandy smiled and asked as she turned to look at Cassie, "Cas, what are you doing?"

"Were you going to go check the video?" asked Cassie.

"Well... yes," Mandy answered as she smiled calmly. She already knew that many netizens were mad at her on Weibo. Out of curiosity, she just wanted to check her Weibo.

"No!" Cassie shook her head and held Mandy's cell phone tightly in her hand.

Just now, Cassie received WeChat messages from her classmates who had found out about the incident. They knew that she was a nurse in the Cardiology Department of JR Hospital. Some of her classmates who seldom contacted her had begun to ask her if she knew anything more about the fight, but she hadn't answered any of them. Those who only wanted to watch and feed off drama were the people she hated the most.

"Cassie.. Do you really think I'll let that rumor get to me?" Mandy said smilingly, rolling her eyes.

"No, it's not about that. Cyber violence is too horrible. There are all kinds of dirty words. Please don't read it!" Cassie urged with her eyebrows knitted tightly. If something similar had happened to her, she thought that she might not have been able to handle it so well and keep strong.

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